Support for IE8 in Kentico CMS 4.0

You may be wondering how the new Internet Explorer 8 can work with latest Kentico CMS. This short post should answer you. You will also learn what I am about to write in my next posts.
Hi there!

It is a long time since I posted something which is shame. This post won't help a lot in my frequency of posts, because it is just a short notice, but I promise in the next few weeks you may look forward to several deep-dive-only-for-geeks technical posts from me, which will give you the nice overview about the best low-level features of the 4.0 version of Kentico CMS you may not even know about, I am about to write about:
  • Best practices and comparisson between ASPX and Portal engine development model
  • Deep dive into the Caching of Kentico CMS and what more is coming in 4.1
  • Deep dive into the Macros and how they are slowly becoming a more powerful tool than anyone expected
  • Deep dive into the URL Rewriting and how it works
  • A little information about planned Kentico CMS 4.1 features which are not on the roadmap (and maybe some about the ones which are there)
There is no guarantee on the topics or their order but I should be able to provide you with one detailed topic per week.

Enough about what is coming, let's focus on the post topic ...

Well, since the version 4.0 had such delay and needed to be released, there was no room for testing or optimizing it on the IE8. I am sure you know how big change (pain) the native IE8 rendering mode is for some web site. There is a good news and a bad news ...

The bad one: There are several issues in native IE8 mode so the user interface won't be pleasant enough in such mode, we do not recommend it.

The good one: Since the compatibility mode is enabled by default and Kentico CMS displays almost completely fine (unless someone disables the automatic compatibility mode), there is nothing that would stop you from using Kentico CMS in IE8. The only minor issue that we addressed is the wrong color of the grid lines in some cases, nothing significant.

So the conclusion is: You can use Kentico CMS in IE8's compatibility mode.

Of course we are testing the new upcoming version on IE8, so the new version 4.1 will be fully supported by the IE8 native mode.

That's all for now, you may now get ready for the technical stuff which is coming in next few days ;-) Have a great time!
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