Silverlight not working in Chrome 26

This article provides a workaround for Silverlight issues in the Chrome browser for older Kentico versions (for Kentico v7 this issue was fixed in hotfix no.30)
1) Disabling the Silverlight uploader in the web.config file using the app key 'CMSUseSilverlightUploader' and set its value to false.

2) Disabling Chrome browser in the ~/CMSAdminControls/Silverlight/MultifileUploader/MultiFileUploader.ascx.cs file, at the beginning of method ReloadData():
public void ReloadData()
     if (BrowserHelper.IsSafari() || BrowserHelper.IsOpera() || BrowserHelper.IsChrome())
          slApplication.Enabled = false;


Applies to: Kentico 5.x & 6.x
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