Sharepoint connector demo video

Here is something you may need if you plan to integrate your web site with Sharepoint. I created a short video of what it can give you. See for yourselves.
Hi everybody,

I have been having some requests from our sales team so they are able to show you what our Sharepoint connector can do. The bad news is that we don't have any permanent Sharepoint installation and it needs server operating system so the sales guys cannot just set a local installation on their own machines.

The good news is I saved them and you a lot of work by creating this video where you can see the demo and I sort of like this way of presenting features, so I think I will post some more of these in future.

Please install the following codec if you have problems to play the video (it should be in the standard WMV format, but just for case).

Here you can download the video: 2009-09-02-Sharepoint-connector.wmv (19 MB)

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