See you at the Deep Dive - Kentico API session at Kentico Connection 2013

My name is Stepan Kozak and I'm the technical leader of the Core & Data team at Kentico. I'd like to invite you to my presentation about Kentico API at Kentico Connection 2013.
Our support team and consultants often ask me about best practices for custom development using Kentico API and I find that many of our customers' scenarios repeat. So I'll focus my presentation on the most-used API which enables you to write high-performance custom code on the Kentico platform. 
I'll take real-world scenarios and show how the various features of Kentico API can help you find simple yet efficient solutions for them. 
You will learn:
Base principles of Kentico as a development platform
(InfoObjects, Data engine, CMS.IO, Macro engine)
API customization possibilities
(Object/Document handlers)
API features for fast, high-performance web application development
(Caching API, CMSActionContext)
If you have any feedback on this session plan or ideas of what else should be included, please let me know in comments below.
Together with Martin Hejtmanek's session on Module Development, you’ll come away with a load of best practices to help you in the customization and development of your own high-performance code on Kentico.
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