Quick Tip on Contacts and SSL in Kentico


Here's a quick tip on how to control your contacts when using SSL, monitering online users and a load balancer.   

Kentico EMS has a lot of features for marketing purposes.  Some of which are enabled by default and some which aren't.  Over the last few months, I've noticed my contacts to be growing exponentionally which was somewhat concerning to me.  Most people would be excited if they had almost 12,000 new contacts on their site in the last week.

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Brenden Kehren

Brenden is a Senior Architect and Owner at Kehren Development with over 20 years of development experience with 15 of those years working strictly with the Kentico product lines. Brenden focuses his efforts on best practices, education and training and is extremely active in the Kentico Developer Community. He is also an avid hunter and when Brenden isn’t stalking the DevNet or watching hockey, he spends time camping and boating with his wife and 4 kids.


Brenden Kehren commented on

Check out my follow-up blog post about this topic. https://www.kehrendev.com/blog/brenden-kehren/march-2016/follow-up-contacts-and-ssl-in-kentico-ems-en

Pavel Jiřík commented on

Hello Brenden, Dawid and Daren!

There was a bug in Kentico leading to a creation of an anonymous contact having no activities nor IPs. This happened only if the monitoring of on-line users was enabled in the Settings application -> Security & Membership -> On-line users section -> Monitor on-line users and SSL was not setup correctly. If a visitor accessed a page and an SSL error was thrown, a contact with no activities nor IPs would be created.

This bug can't be easily fixed in the current version of Kentico as it would be a breaking change and therefore will be fixed in the next version - Kentico 10.

But as long as a page can be accessed via SSL without any issues, all contacts will be created correctly.