Preparing 1st Kentico Professional Conference

Would you like to meet with Kentico guys? Would you like to connect with other Kentico partners or customers? Are you looking for deep-dive information about Kentico CMS? Would you like to spend a few days at the Kentico CMS focused event in the middle of Europe? Or just would you like to enjoy few days with Kentico company?
We are in a connection with our partners and customers through our blogs, newsletters, webinars, conf calls, on-line demos and  on everyday basis we inform you about news, hotfixes, tips & tricks, showing you new screencasts and more and more. As Kentico CMS is getting bigger and more robust there could be some parts you would like to be better or deeper informed about and you can't find it on our Devnet portal. To be honest, I know we produce huge amount of information but on the other hand there are still parts that will need better documentation.

When looking for these advanced topics you can ask our professional support or meet us virtually during our webinars or on-line meetings. You can also meet us at 3rd party events and ask us for these advanced topics there.

We would like to meet all our partners and customers and understand their solutions and needs. But the number of our partners and customers is growing and it's a bit impossible to meet all of you.

So, we decided to prepare an event where we can meet together and provide you with deep and valuable content. And that is why we discovered to prepare first Kentico Professional Conference.

We are thinking about 3-days autumn event hosted in Prague that will have tracks focused on different audiences like developers, it pros, designers and others. We would like to prepare this event full of deep and valuable content that will help you better and faster implement/deploy/develop your Kentico CMS based solutions.

Since the event is primarily focused on our partners and customers, we would like to be sure, you will really get what you can expect from such event. Hope, you will like this idea and would like to help us to better understand what should be the best timing and content for you to come and attend.

Please answer following short questions:

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Ryan Wheale commented on

Any idea on a date yet?