PR department back in full force. Eh!

Nearest plans of PR department.

Besides other six coworkes in our company - my name is also Petr (a lack of inspiration in 70’s & 80’s ?) and I’m presently working as PR manager at Kentico.  Before that, I spent more than a year working as Support Engineer in Kentico and then a short Study & Travel program in Beautiful British Columbia.

Surviving the bear visit at my campsite, the weather in Waterton (Windyton?) and finally being bitten by a chipmunk, I’m glad to be back and ready for new challenges that this jobs brings. Here are some of the nearest plans of the PR deparment:

  • Competitons as „Forum poster of the month“
  • Marketplace where the site templates, webparts and modules can be traded 
  • Freshly updated website
  • Look behind the curtain - intruduction videos of our main departments
  • New partner program based on partner activity (newly with discount up to 30%)

As you can see, my posts  will meet the technical aspects of our CMS from longer distance - the more you will get to know about the creative people who stand behind its development.

Let me also add that I find independence and individuality being essential elements in blogging, which means that my posts won’t go through any approval. There is always a risk of following the Ellen Simonetti case, but I can promise that no one else is going to read my post earlier than you can!
Petr Passinger

P.S. If you find my English at least sufficient, please let me express many thanks to LSC Vancouver, Canada and KIMBA at Kasetsart University in Bangkok, Thailand.


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Petr Passinger

Petr is the Senior Business Analyst, responsible for the mapping and optimization of the sales funnel and revenue cycle leveraging the Kentico Customer Experience Management solution for online marketing activities.