Poll: What features of Kentico 9 are you looking forward to the most?


Kentico 9 is going to bring some exciting functionality to developers. Whether you are a back-end module developer or a front-end designer, Version 9 will have something in store for everyone. So, what features are you looking forward to the most?

What are your favorite features coming in Kentico 9?

Be sure to check out the upcoming webinars on Verison 9 to learn about these and many other exciting features!

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Bryan Soltis

Hello. I am a Technical Evangelist here at Kentico and will be helping the technical community by providing guidance and best practices for all areas of the product. I might also do some karaoke. We'll see how the night goes...


Bryan Soltis commented on

Hi Adam,

There are a lot more improvements to the system than the ones above. After the launch, we will be putting out a number of articles detailing big (and small) changes. As for the shopping cart one you mentioned, I'm not aware of any big shopping cart changes in this version. I'll pass that along to our E commerce Product manager Petr Vozak though to make sure it gets added to the list of requested features.

Adam Jackman-Moore commented on

No new e-commerce improvements?? :(
Not wiping out the basket before the client has paid would of been the only thing I would of wished for.

Bryan Soltis commented on

We will be releasing some blog posts over the next 2 weeks on the new features, where you will be able to see more information about CI. At Kentico Connection Brno, there will be a deep dive into the new features and functionality. And lastly, after the launch, there are number of Technical Webinars showcasing these new capabilities.

Bryan Soltis commented on

Hi Caspian,
I think the counts was not 100% because I did some "test" votes before i published it that were throwing the numbers off. I updated to be the full counts.

pmcdigital commented on

Where can I find out more about the CI support? And the changes to the custom module development? We already have a sort of CI integrated, and are building modules. Was migration considered for modules built for v8? Thanks.

caspian_softdev-yahoo commented on

Why The Summation of percentages give us 98% not 100%