Page Templates Overview with Kentico CMS

Page templates are an important part of any site implementation. How are they created is one of the questiosn that I often hear. In order to understand this more I put together a quick video that covers using the ASPX or Kentico Portal Engine to create your page templates.
Page Overview with Kentico CMS
Video available here
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Thomas Robbins

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Shannon Dunn commented on

Thanks for getting back to me Martin, I will check the links. When you referred at the end about using the Portal Engine in ASPX, I am not looking for that but where you mention that for 6.0 I am interested in what that means more. I think the streams of what I was saying might have gotten confused. If I have an HTML page from a designer and need to convert that to a master page in the Portal Engine (not ASPX) and then create page templates based on that master page with flexible layouts defined by page layout. That start to finish is what I am looking for. I am VERY familiar with ASPX master page layouts and such, but doing it in the portal seems a bit cloudy. I will check the create a site from scratch link and see if that meets my suggestion.

Martin Hejtmanek commented on

Hi Shannon,

See this for details on ASPX page template basics:

This for details on Portal engine basics:

Or how to create new web site from scratch:

It all covers that with all the details.

Using the portal engine in ASPX page template is not yet possible, it will be possible in Kentico CMS 6.0.

Shannon Dunn commented on

One of the pieces missing from content in Kentico's documentation as I see it (and videos) would be a start to finish view of how to take the HTML from a designer, create a master page, add that to Kentico and get started. This video gives a quick reference to root.master but does not explain how you derived it. I had to work on learning it by hand to get our design into the system. Understanding how to take a master page and get it ready for Kentico and Portal Pages would be GREAT. If your an ASP.NET developer you already know how to do master pages, but understanding how to use the Portal Engine to do the master page is sadly missing from documentation.

Ryan commented on

You cut out all of the time in between sentences... leaving little time to process. Maybe I'm slow.