New Hotfix 6.0.2 (build no. 4315) Released

The new hotfix package was released and it is available for download. You can find the hotfix packages in the Bugtracker section (the orange box on the right). Instructions are included, please read carefully.
Note: hotfix packages for version 6 are now delivered as one exe file for all .Net versions (3.5, 4.0). Moreover, you can use the Kentico Installation Manager tool to download and apply the hotfix (using the Upgrade/Hotfix or Check buttons).

Bugs fixed in hotfix 6.0.2 (build no. 4315):
· Contact management - A wrong type of selection dialog was shown when adding customers to a contact.
· Contact management - Contact information wasn't updated when the customer data was changed in the shopping cart.
· Contact management - The My Contacts and My Accounts widgets displayed objects from all sites.
· Contact management - The collision dialog didn't display complete tooltips for the country and state fields.
· Contact management (Activities) - The information message shown when activity logging (or on-line marketing) is disabled was incorrect in the Site manager Activities UI.
·  Contact management (Activities) - The Add stamp button was missing on the New custom activity page.
· MVT - The combination panel didn't switch between combinations.
· MVT - Combinations weren't generated correctly if the document contained widget variants.
· MVT - Import/Export didn't work correctly for page templates containing MVT variants in some cases.
· Dashboards - In some cases, dashboards generated an unhandled exception if their page template couldn't be found.
· Dashboards - Moving widgets in dashboards didn't work.
· Licensing - Adding new forums wasn't possible in the Free edition.
· Licensing - Cloning of page templates didn't work in the Free edition.
· Macros - Macro expressions from the Documents section of the macro object tree were inserted with encoded special characters.
· Macros - The Documents collection wasn't resolved correctly when accessed through the macro engine.
· Staging - Staging of users didn't work correctly.
· Staging - The assignment of a document into a site category wasn't synchronized correctly.
· Windows Azure - The multi-file uploader didn't work correctly in special cases when running on Windows Azure.
· Import - The (all) page size option in the import wizard didn't work correctly.
· Import - Sites based on the Blank site sample template weren't imported correctly in special cases.
· Install - The import process and the object version creation during the installation was executed in the context of a public user.
· Portal engine - The security requirements for the edit template dialog on the Master page tab were incorrect.
· E-commerce - Sorting was incorrectly allowed for shipping costs.
· URL rewriting - Page not found errors weren't logged into the event log in some cases.
· Form controls - The Password and User Name controls didn't reflect some of the field settings on the live site.
· Layout web parts - The Table layout web part properties couldn't load the form control for editing the number of columns.
· Forms - Sending a notification for a form with an empty file uploader field caused an exception.
· Documents - Moving documents using the drag&drop functionality didn't work in special cases.
· Widgets - The header of editor widgets was hidden when dragging in Firefox.
· Web analytics - Deleting of web analytics data didn't work correctly.
· Blogs - Tags were sorted before whitespace trimming, which resulted in a different order than expected.
· Image uploader - All image dimensions weren't verified correctly after resizing.
· Routing - Paths with a wildcard mapping multiple segments (e.g. {*something}) weren't registered properly.
· CSS minification didn't work properly for stylesheets that contained a charset directive.
· There were minor design issues in the on-line marketing UI and the Site Manager -> Administration -> System section.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 6.0.1 (build no. 4308):
· Contact management - Contact information wasn’t updated from several locations, such as message board or blog post comments.
· Contact management - Billing address mapping from a customer to a contact didn’t work correctly in CMS Desk.
· Contact management - Filtering contacts and accounts according to their status didn’t work correctly.
· Contact management - Deleting a large amount of contacts or accounts resulted in a timeout in some cases.
· Contact management - Merging a site contact into a global contact resulted in a data inconsistency if the given contact belonged to a site-specific contact group.
· Contact management - The Activities dashboard widget didn't display any data.
· Contact management - The Score tab of the contact editing interface incorrectly redirected to the permission denied page if the current site wasn’t running.
· Activities (Contact management) - Blog comment and blog post subscription activities didn’t log the ID of the related blog document.
· Scoring - an update panel was missing around the validity section on the edit rule page.
· E-commerce - The values of the Company, Organization ID and Tax registration ID fields weren’t saved when the "Continue as anonymous customer" option was chosen during checkout.
· E-commerce - Product options weren’t cached correctly.
· E-commerce - The total price shown in the product detail didn’t include the price of selected product options after the “Add to shopping cart” option was clicked in cases where redirection to the shopping cart was disabled.
· E-commerce - Some e-commerce reports didn’t work correctly after import from an older version.
· Ecommerce - recalculation of the global "Minimal amount for free shipping" setting didn’t work correctly when the global main currency was changed.
· Ecommerce - A customer’s country/state was not prefilled correctly when creating a new address during the checkout process.
· Macros - The condition builder threw an unhandled exception when a condition couldn’t be parsed.
· Macros - The CurrentUser.IsMale and CurrentUser.IsFemale macros didn’t return correct results.
· Macros - Entering the “@” character into the macro condition field caused the autocompletion help to stop working.
· A/B testing - There were several minor issues related to A/B testing.
· MVT - The variant properties dialog didn't show any data after the Apply button was clicked.
· MVT - Layout web parts caused a JavaScript error in special cases when used in combination with MVT or Content personalization.
· Widgets - The headers of widgets in editor zones weren’t displayed correctly in IE9.
· Widgets - The Editable text widget didn’t keep its content when moved to another zones.
· Portal engine - The Ctrl+S save command didn't work correctly when creating a new page with a blank layout.
· Portal engine - The page layout editing dialog displayed an unnecessary scrollbar in IE9 if the code was long.
· Portal engine - The master page layout editor didn’t save changes in some cases when using IE9.
· Portal engine - The breadcrumb navigation for campaigns didn't work properly on the On-line marketing tab.
· Forms - The Ctrl+S save command didn't work in the form field editor.
· Localization - Localized display names weren’t handled correctly for document types.
· Localization - Localizable textboxes didn’t work in Site Manager if the site running on the current domain was stopped or had only one culture assigned.
· Localization - The page layout interface in CMS Desk displayed strings based on the current CMSPreferredCulture instead of the current CMSPreferredUICulture.
· Newsletters - Clicking the unsubscription or approval links in a newsletter resulted in an exception in special cases.
· Newsletters - The (un)successful approval confirmation message wasn’t displayed by the Subscription approval web part.
· Windows Azure - Media file links weren’t generated correctly in special cases.
· Project management - The My projects web part could display projects from groups that the current user was not a member of.
· Controls - The CMSEditableImage, CMSEditableRegion and CMSDocumentValue controls weren't displayed in the Visual Studio Toolbox.
· File import - The message containing the result of the import was lost during postback.
· Dashboards - The minimized status of widgets wasn’t saved on dashboard pages.
· Form controls - Controls didn't keep their assigned CSS class when a form validation error occurred.
· Document recycle bin - Global administrators were unable to restore or destroy documents deleted by other users in the CMS Desk document recycle bin.
· The On-line marketing module wasn't initially assigned to sites imported from an older version.
· The asynchronous log contained unnecessary information when copying documents in some cases.
· Several minor issues related to the UI design were fixed.
· Corporate Site - The Send to friend web part on the sample Corporate site didn’t work correctly for CMS.Smartphone documents in the Products section.
· Some database views incorrectly contained the 'dbo' schema.

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