New Hotfix 5.5R2.4 (build no. 4027) Released

The new hotfix package was released and it is available for download. You can find the hotfix packages for appropriate .Net version in the Bugtracker (the orange box on the right). Instructions are included, please read carefully.
Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5 R2.4 (build no. 4027):
· Dialogs - Flash objects inserted through the WYSIWYG editor weren't generated correctly in the Google Chrome browser.
·  Staging - Custom data of document relationships weren't synchronized.
·  Media library - An incorrect method was called in the ValidateForm method of the MediaLibraryEdit control.
·  Yahoo Map - The "Show scale control" and "Show navigation control" properties of the web part didn't work correctly.
·  Project Management - Roles couldn't be deleted in special cases due to project dependencies.
·  Document library - Links to documents were incorrectly displayed even if the document had no file attached.
·  Relationships - Relationships not assigned to the current site were displayed in CMS Desk -> Properties.
·  Relationships - The path to the related document wasn't stored in a textbox field if the related document was on the right side.
·  Web parts - The Silverlight application web part wasn't working correctly with the silverlight navigation application.
·  Workflow - The check-in operation on the Versions tab of documents didn't work correctly in special cases.
·  WebDAV - rebuilding of the source code caused an assembly version conflict.
·  Reporting - Line graphs caused an exception when displaying data with only one record.
·  Media library - Media file mime type wasn't set correctly in special cases.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5 R2.3 (build no. 4020):
· Page templates - New template wasn't created correctly in special cases.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5 R2.2 (build no. 4014):
· Messaging - Actions were not hidden properly when an error occurred during sending a message.
· E-commerce - Product filter did not work correctly.
· Text - Editable image web part did not work correctly when application ran internally on a different port.
· Dialogs - WYSIWYG dialogs did not work properly when media library folder name contained special characters.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5 R2.1 (build no. 4006):
· Project management - Users and roles couldn't be deleted in special cases due to project or task dependencies.
· Documents - Linking to child documents wasn't working correctly when they were translated into multiple cultures.
· Workgroups - New forum groups created under a workgroup from the live site didn't have their base URL set correctly.
· The Field editor didn't allow macros to be inserted into the Default value textbox for non-text fields.
· Security - Moving the position of a document was allowed in special case even if the user didn't have the Modify permission.
· Workflow - Workflow e-mails were incorrectly sent to disabled users.
· Form controls - GUID type columns created in the Field editor were causing exceptions.
· Web analytics - The context help for the Registered users section was missing.
· Messaging - It was incorrectly possible to reply/forward a message with an empty message body.
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