New Hotfix 5.5R2.15 (build no. 4104) Released

The new hotfix package was released and it is available for download. You can find the hotfix packages for appropriate .Net version in the Bugtracker (the orange box on the right). Instructions are included, please read carefully.
Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5 R2.15 (build no. 4104):
· URL rewriting - Document aliases containing the underscore character and wildcards weren't processed correctly and displayed a page not found error.
· Certain modal dialogs couldn't be opened in the IE9 browser.
· Groups - The 'Owned by group' selector on the properties tab of documents didn't work correctly in special cases.
· Web farms - Unsuccessful synchronization between web farm servers wasn't logged in the event log.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5 R2.14 (build no. 4097):
· Controls and web parts - The internal pager didn't render the html code for previous and next buttons correctly.
· SharePoint integration - Web parts didn't display columns with special characters in their name.
·  Membership - It was possible to attempt to remove a user/role permission inherited from the parent document in Document -> Properties -> Security and an exception was thrown into the Event log.
· Import - Document permissions weren't imported correctly in special cases.
· Smart search - The rebuilding of an index failed if the indexing of a single document was unsuccessful.
· Custom tables - The Custom table data grid web part didn't convert DateTime columns correctly in special cases.
·  Booking system - The Event calendar web part was only able to display details for the Booking event document type.
· Documents - The TreeProvider incorrectly used the LIKE operator if the node alias path contained the underscore character.
·  When changing the code name of a custom table or document type, the original name stayed reserved until the cache was cleared.
· Several parts of the user interface were displayed incorrectly in Internet Explorer 9.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5 R2.13 (build no. 4090):
· BizForms - Forms with no records weren't displayed properly on the Data tab.
· Macros - The (notrecursive) macro parameter was propagated to all macros following after the first occurrence of a macro with this parameter.
· Macros - The (handlessqlinjection) macro parameter wasn't automatically added to the web part properties resolver.
· Attachments - Unsorted attachments weren't displayed correctly in the Properties section of CMS Desk in special cases.
· Custom tables - The custom table datasource retrieved data from the database too often.
· Custom tables - The building of WHERE conditions was inefficient in specific cases.
· Workflow - The root node of a site had its Form tab content disabled when under workflow.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5 R2.12 (build no. 4083):
· Field editor - The creation of fields with the same name as fields in View_CMS_Tree_Joined wasn't allowed.
· Workflow - Having the root node under workflow without check-in/check-out caused an error during the saving process.
· Workflow - The Versions tab in CMS Desk wasn't refreshed properly after destroying the version history.
· URL rewriting - The Default alias path property of Domain aliases wasn't correctly applied to URLs containing the "www" prefix.
· Dialogs - The Image inline control wasn't working correctly if a custom jQuery framework was loaded.
· Membership - The CMS.SiteProvider.UserInfoProvider.ForgottenEmailPassword() method threw an exception when HttpContext was null.
· Documents - Non-published documents with defined permissions weren't displayed correctly in some cases.
· Documents - The Check-in action didn't save document content if the "Prompt to save changes on exit" setting was enabled.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5 R2.11 (build no. 4073):
· Tags - The Tag cloud web part generated a redundant space before tag separators.
· Macros - The (handlesinjection) macro parameter was propagated to all macros following after the first occurrence of a macro with this parameter set.
· Web parts - The XML Data source web part didn't work correctly with feeds using additional namespaces.
· Friends - In special cases, web parts of the Friends module (Friends data source, My friends, Friends viewer) weren't initialized properly and therefore didn't display any data.
· Form engine - It was possible to change the value of the 'Allow empty' field setting when managing alternative forms in the field editor, which could have resulted in an exception.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5 R2.10 (build no. 4070):
· Windows authentication caused a redirection loop when a site was accessed by a user disabled in the system.
· Newsletters - A newsletter issue template was incorrectly required to create a new dynamic newsletter.
· Smart search - The performance of custom table search indexes wasn't optimal.
· Workflow - When a document under workflow was restored from the recycle bin, it was incorrectly published.
· BizForms - Deleting a record on the Data tab caused default sorting to be used for the remaining records.
· Web parts and widgets - Localization macros weren't resolved in the titles of web parts and widgets.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5 R2.9 (build no. 4059):
· E-commerce - The check to determine whether a customer has sufficient credit was incorrect when the credit was equal to the price of the order.
· Form controls - Custom web part properties of the Date and time type weren't working correctly when a non-default UI culture was set.
· Newsletters - The newsletter subscriber selector didn't work correctly with .Net versions prior to 4.0 and a system culture different than English.
· Controls and web parts - The CMSDocumentValue control incorrectly generated an empty span tag before its content.
· Controls and web parts - The QueryRepeater and QueryDataList controls didn't work correctly in combination with postback paging mode.
· Controls and web parts - Web part layout wasn't processed correctly if the code name of the web part contained the dot character.
· Documents - Document check-out didn't work correctly with the Turkish culture in special cases.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5 R2.8 (build no. 4051):
· Wildcard URLs didn't work correctly if they contained special characters.
· The DocumentNamePath field wasn't trimmed properly after a document was updated.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5 R2.7 (build no. 4045):
· Intranet Portal - Role permissions weren't set correctly in special cases for Forum and Media library objects created as part of a department.
· When copying a document to the first position under the same parent, the move operation was performed instead.
· Web parts - Shortcuts web part didn't work properly if two instances of the web part with different property settings were placed on the same page.
· Project management - Personal tasks had their "Assigned to" field set incorrectly when imported in special cases.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5 R2.6 (build no. 4041):
· Web parts - Calendar web parts didn't filter data via custom filters.
· Project management - Ad-hoc (personal) tasks were causing an error during the import procedure.
· Intranet portal - The RSS Forum posts page template incorrectly also displayed department forum posts. To fix this issue, please see the instructions at the end of the document included in the hotfix package.
· BizForms - Macros in field captions weren't resolved when exported to Excel.
· Documents - Documents couldn't be moved to the first position under the same parent using drag & drop.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5 R2.5 (build no. 4031):
·  Media library - Certain stylesheets were loaded incorrectly in special cases.
·  Media library - The Media gallery, Media gallery - file list and Media gallery - folder tree web parts floated out of their web part container in special cases.
·  Media library - Image data wasn't refreshed correctly in special cases after changing the file name or extension via the image editor.
·  Membership - Facebook Connect, OpenID Authentication, Windows LiveID - a new role with an empty name was created for registered users if there were no roles specified for newly registered users.
·  Staging - When a user copied a document with multiple culture versions, staging tasks weren't logged for all culture versions.
·  Spell checker - FCKeditor fields were incorrectly checked twice.
·  Spell checker - The spell checker didn't check BBcode editor type fields.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5 R2.4 (build no. 4027):
· Dialogs - Flash objects inserted through the WYSIWYG editor weren't generated correctly in the Google Chrome browser.
·  Staging - Custom data of document relationships weren't synchronized.
·  Media library - An incorrect method was called in the ValidateForm method of the MediaLibraryEdit control.
·  Yahoo Map - The "Show scale control" and "Show navigation control" properties of the web part didn't work correctly.
·  Project Management - Roles couldn't be deleted in special cases due to project dependencies.
·  Document library - Links to documents were incorrectly displayed even if the document had no file attached.
·  Relationships - Relationships not assigned to the current site were displayed in CMS Desk -> Properties.
·  Relationships - The path to the related document wasn't stored in a textbox field if the related document was on the right side.
·  Web parts - The Silverlight application web part wasn't working correctly with the silverlight navigation application.
·  Workflow - The check-in operation on the Versions tab of documents didn't work correctly in special cases.
·  WebDAV - rebuilding of the source code caused an assembly version conflict.
·  Reporting - Line graphs caused an exception when displaying data with only one record.
·  Media library - Media file mime type wasn't set correctly in special cases.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5 R2.3 (build no. 4020):
· Page templates - New template wasn't created correctly in special cases.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5 R2.2 (build no. 4014):
· Messaging - Actions were not hidden properly when an error occurred during sending a message.
· E-commerce - Product filter did not work correctly.
· Text - Editable image web part did not work correctly when application ran internally on a different port.
· Dialogs - WYSIWYG dialogs did not work properly when media library folder name contained special characters.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5 R2.1 (build no. 4006):
· Project management - Users and roles couldn't be deleted in special cases due to project or task dependencies.
· Documents - Linking to child documents wasn't working correctly when they were translated into multiple cultures.
· Workgroups - New forum groups created under a workgroup from the live site didn't have their base URL set correctly.
· The Field editor didn't allow macros to be inserted into the Default value textbox for non-text fields.
· Security - Moving the position of a document was allowed in special case even if the user didn't have the Modify permission.
· Workflow - Workflow e-mails were incorrectly sent to disabled users.
· Form controls - GUID type columns created in the Field editor were causing exceptions.
· Web analytics - The context help for the Registered users section was missing.
· Messaging - It was incorrectly possible to reply/forward a message with an empty message body.

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