New Hotfix 5.5.28 (build no. 3981) Released

The new hotfix package was released and it is available for download. You can find the hotfix packages for appropriate .Net version in the Bugtracker (the orange box on the right). Instructions are included, please read carefully.
Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5.28 (build no. 3981):
· Web analytics - Campaigns weren't logged correctly under cached pages.
· BizForms - Saving a BizForm field in Simple mode incorrectly changed the Visible property.
· Media library - Opening the Select folder dialog in full listing mode caused an error.
· Media library - Attempting to import a folder in full listing mode caused a JS error.
· Media library - The image editor didn't work correctly in full listing mode.
· Blogs - The "Manage" permission was incorrectly needed to view the list of blogs in the Tools -> Blogs section
· GetFile didn't use cache properly for file documents when authentication was required for a particular document.
· Web farms - The Copy/Link/Move dialogs displayed a blank screen on non-sticky web farms.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5.27 (build no. 3978):
·  URL rewriting - Domain alias redirection wasn't disabled for administration.
·  Newsletters - Dynamic newsletters sent to role subscribers remained in the 'created' state if their subject contained diacritical marks.
·  Newsletters - The number of 'Sent e-mails' was in some cases incorrect if multiple roles were subscribed.
·  Tags - The Tag cloud web part wasn't affected by the document filter when setting tag font-size.
·  Documents - Workflow actions were displayed only to global administrators in listing mode.
·  Dialogs - WYSIWYG dialogs were doubling the link URL scheme in special cases.
·  Media library - The image editor for media file thumbnails wasn't opened with the correct style.
·  Staging - Staging of linked documents failed in special cases.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5.26 (build no. 3971):
· Some transformations didn't work correctly when creating links to documents from another site.
· Dialogs - The tree on the 'Content' tab was initialized incorrectly in special cases.
· Dialogs - The link text was incorrect when inserting a link from the editor dialog while using permanent URLs.
· Dialogs - Opening of the 'Select document dialog' failed in special cases.
· Dialogs - Reset size in the WYSIWYG editor dialog wasn't working correctly.
· Dialogs - The image editor wasn't working correctly for CMS.File images in special cases.
· Dialogs - Multiple HTML editors on the same page with UI personalization didn't work correctly.
· Dialogs - Editing of permanent links to a site different than the current one in WYSIWYG editor dialogs wasn't working correctly.
· E-commerce - Invoices disappeared after the print button was clicked.
· Media library - Deletion of media files wasn't working correctly if the file name contained special characters.
· Media library - The 'Media gallery - file filter' web part ignored the 'Filter method' setting.
· Media library - There was no error message displayed when moving a folder into itself.
· Media library - Media file thumbnail files weren't updated properly on all web farm servers.
· Media library - The image editor for media library files didn't check for unique file names after a file was renamed.
· Media library - The 'Group media libraries data source' web part didn't work correctly when configured to display 'current group'.
· Media library - Importing of media library files in tiles or thumbnails view mode wasn't working properly.
· Media library - The image editor wasn't opened correctly on the live site for media file thumbnails.
· Workflow - Workflow scopes weren't applied correctly to linked documents.
· User contributions - User contributions threw a JS error under workflow and Check-in, Check-out.
· User contributions - The delete button wasn't displayed properly.
· Editable regions weren't correctly disabled in read only mode on ASPX templates
· Event log - The log wasn't cleared properly once it reached maximum log size.
· Time zones weren't working correctly for some regions.
· Import - Importing a document type containing a long integer field caused an error.
· Import - The web part path wasn't resolved correctly in special cases.
· Controls - Control paging didn't work properly in postback mode on ASPX templates.
· Resizing of the content tree didn't work properly in Safari.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5.25 (build no. 3964):
· Media library - URLs weren't generated correctly if special characters were included in file or folder names.
· Media library - The Group media libraries viewer web part didn't show the correct libraries when using the "current group" setting.
· Media library - When deleting an image thumbnail, no message informing about insufficient permissions was displayed.
· Media library - The Media gallery - file list and Media gallery - folder tree web parts displayed an extra error message when using the "current media library" setting.
· Media library - Uploading of media file previews with a custom preview suffix wasn't working correctly.
· Dialogs - BB media dialogs weren't displayed properly in special cases.
· Dialogs - It wasn't possible to remove the Class attribute in the Insert link dialog.
· Dialogs - Links weren't inserted correctly into the WYSIWYG editor if special characters were included.
· Dialogs - WYSIWYG dialogs didn't work properly on the live site if Windows authentication was used.
· Dialogs - Hiding of the E-mail tab in the Insert link dialog didn't work correctly.
· Image editor - After converting an image in the image editor, the document type icon wasn't correctly updated.
· User contribution with workflow - The form with document data wasn't refreshed properly after the undo checkout action was used.
· Alternative forms - The hash table containing alternative forms wasn't discarded properly.
· Attachment URLs containing special characters didn't work correctly.
· Newsletters - A null reference exception would occur after unsubscription in special cases.
· Output filter - Unicode characters with more than one byte were misunderstood at certain locations causing the localized output to contain broken characters.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5.24 (build no. 3957):
· URL rewriting - Correction of invalid case URLs didn't work for the CMS.File document type.
· URL rewriting - Attachment URLs containing special characters didn't work correctly.
· Content - Document data was in special cases incorrectly saved to the wrong language version if a user switched the culture in another browser window.
· Dialogs - Path selector failed to open due to the checking of dialog parameters.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5.23 (build no. 3950):
· Web analytics - ORDER BY clause in web analytics reports (page views, aggregated views) didn't work
correctly in Russian culture.
· Import/Export - Workflow scopes, page template scopes and some other object changes weren't reflected correctly using incremental deployment.
· Content staging - An error occurred during the synchronization of a content sub-tree when the database contained an incorrectly deleted document.
· Categories - Editing of user categories didn't work correctly after enter was pressed.
· Message boards - Boards didn't refresh messages correctly after an action when using caching.
· The creation of new documents wasn't working properly in special cases.
· File pre-selection in the File system selector wasn't working correctly on sites installed to the root.
· E-commerce - Discount levels couldn't be sorted by discount value.
· Web parts - The Widget actions web part generated an empty link for disabled actions.
· Web parts - The export web part settings function didn't work properly for inherited web parts.
· Email templates - Resolving of in-place macros was case sensitive.
· Web farm synchronization - Resource strings weren't properly discarded from cache after being changed.
· Insert link dialog - the Anchor tab was displayed even when disabled.
· Media library - web farm synchronization of files edited with the image editor wasn't working properly.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5.22 (build no. 3943):
· Dialogs - Opening the select path dialog caused an error in special cases.
· Dialogs - The WYSIWYG Insert/Edit link dialog didn't load the correct site if the user wasn't assigned to the first site in alphabetical order.
· Dialogs - Generated markup of flash objects wasn't valid.
· Media library - Web farm synchronization of media library folders wasn't working correctly.
· Media library - Update of media files wasn't working correctly in special cases.
· Media library - The Media gallery web part wasn't working correctly if the name of a displayed folder contained the ampersand character.
· Media library - Media file caching didn't work correctly in special cases.
· Media library - Import of video or flash files while an image file was selected caused doubling of the preview.
· Media library - Recognition of files from the file system didn't work correctly in special cases.
· Media library - The values of custom fields weren't reloaded correctly in special cases.
· Controls - Data controls could throw an exception if columns were specified and the check permission property was enabled or documents were under workflow.
· Web parts - Inherited web parts were incorrectly allowed to be created from other inherited web parts.
· System tables - The check for the uniqueness of column names when creating system table columns was insufficient.
· Membership - Roles imported from Active Directory were missing the RoleIsDomain flag.
· Domains in IPv6 format weren't processed correctly.
· Inheritance of document permissions wasn't properly broken if the paths of documents were the same on multiple sites.
· UI personalization - The frame resizer wasn't working properly after postback.
· Output cache - Changing a template didn't flush the output cache of the documents using the template.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5.21 (build no. 3936):
· Media library - Replacement of dot '.' characters in the names of imported files didn't work correctly.
· Media library - Image preview wasn't displayed after an image was edited through the thumbnails tab.
· Media library - Unique file names were generated incorrectly in special cases.
· Blogs - Blog hierarchy was created incorrectly if the BlogMonth document type didn't exist.
· BizForms - Nested macros weren't resolved correctly in notification and autoresponder e-mails.
· ECommerce - Default quantity property of ShoppingCartItemSelector didn't work correctly in special cases.
· ECommerce - Behaviour of breadcrumbs was incorrect after failed validation of the checkout process editing form.
· User contributions - List wasn't properly refreshed in the update panel after the deletion of the last document.
· Data engine - Some queries that weren't supposed to be were called as a transaction which caused transaction errors under high loads.
· Content - There was an insufficient check for preferred culture code in special cases.
· UI Personalization - Icons with certain URLs weren't displayed correctly.
· Categories - Design was incorrect in RTL cultures.
· FormControls - Country selector didn't work when the UseCodeNameForSelection property was set to False.
· My account web part - Company text box disappeared after failed form validation.
· Wysiwyg dialogs - Browse dialog in old insert link, flash and image plugins didn't open correctly if a virtual directory was used.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5.20 (build no. 3926):
· Asynchronous postbacks caused by third party components threw an exception in special cases.
· Blogs - MetaWeblogAPI didn't work correctly when obtaining recent blog posts.
· Blogs - an unwanted info message was displayed in special cases.
· Form controls - empty fields using the document selector form control weren't saved correctly.
· Web parts - Document attachments web parts didn't cache data correctly.
· Web parts - the Check permissions property wasn't processed correctly in special cases.
· BizForms - Date time picker was missing an icon on the live site.
· Media library - trailing spaces weren't correctly removed from the names of new folders.
· Media library - the edit button wasn't disabled immediately after import for unsupported image formats.
· Media library - mass actions didn't work correctly in special cases.
· Alternative forms - modifications of alternative forms after new fields were added to a base form affected form definition in special cases.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5.19 (build no. 3922):
· User contributions didn't work properly with form controls based on uni-selector (e.g. country selector).
· Publishing or archiving of selected documents in the listing mode didn't work correctly in special cases.
· Ecommerce - required tax id and organization id wasn't validated correctly for anonymous customers.
· Media library - incorrect permissions handling for group administrator in special cases.
· Dynamically loaded controls based on uni-selector couldn't open selection dialog in special cases.
· Documents in recycle bin weren't restored correctly in special cases.
· Media selector returned resolved URLs for selected media files.
· ShowSortDirection option of UniGrid control didn't work correctly.
· Message boards' "No message text" property was not used correctly for user message boards.
· Viewer and navigation controls didn't cache data properly if the "Check permissions" property was enabled.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5.18 (build no. 3912):
· Inserting links with encoded characters through the WYSIWYG editor resulted in the links being inserted with the characters decoded.
· Text displayed on handler404.aspx or PageNotFound.aspx pages was always in the default culture.
· Widgets - The content of User widget zones wasn't correctly displayed in special cases.
· Staging - Staging tasks weren't logged for document attachment updates in special cases.
· Workflow - Publishing in list view mode didn't work correctly for child documents.
· The Publish from/to fields were always disabled for the Root document.
· GetUrl transformation method didn't reflect site settings for extensions.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5.17 (build no. 3905):
· Creating new folders in WYSIWYG editor dialogs wasn't working properly if the selected site was different from the current site.
· Web analytics - log processing caused an error if site information wasn't present in the .log file.
· Page templates - Page template selector didn´t correctly show all templates during the creation of a new document.
· Recycle bin - Now uses a more efficient query for loading data.
· Editable region - When inserting flash objects into the HTML editor, the code was rewritten after the page was saved, causing some parameters to disappear.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5.16 (build no. 3901):
· Smart search - Where condition for attachment searching wasn't created correctly in special cases.
· Web parts - Attachment web parts weren't resolving path macros correctly.
· Import - Document related permissions weren't imported correctly with the document onto an existing site.
· BizForms - Private fields that allowed an empty value didn't save the content of the Default value.
· Document selector didn't correctly handle selection from a different site than the current one.
· Staging - Publish document staging tasks didn't contain version history information in special cases.
· Document urls weren't created correctly from document names in special cases.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5.15 (build no. 3894):
· The loading of settings after manually clearing the cache wasn't effective.
· Reporting - Print functionality didn't reflect report parameter value changes.
· Document stylesheets weren't inherited correctly from parent documents in special cases.
· The "Archived" flag sometimes persisted in the document tree even if it wasn't current.
· Staging - Publish document staging task didn't contain the version history data in special cases, which resulted in the document not being synchronized properly on the target.
· Page placeholder web part didn't resolve path macro expressions in the Document to display property.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5.14 (build no. 3887):
· Output filter didn't process conditional comments properly.
· Domain alias redirecting didn't work correctly if the URL contained the application path.
· OpenID logon didn't work properly on ASPX templates.
· Pages generating XML content could throw an exception in special cases.
· EventLog - A deadlock could occur when deleting older logs on heavy traffic web sites.
· Mobile device redirection - Always redirect property added to allow extended configuration.
· Bad format of the "No messages" text in message boards.
· A page with a wildcard URL couldn't be found if the URL contained an underscore.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5.13 (build no. 3880):
· New CMS.File documents didn't correctly handle files with file names that were too long during creation.
· Widget selector didn't display all available widgets for the global administrator.
· Registration web parts didn't display content correctly.
· Export - Some of the child objects were exported even if the parent object wasn't selected in the export settings.
· Import - The license wasn't checked correctly during the import process.
· Scrolling text web part didn't work correctly if two web parts with the same ID were on one site.
· Country selector didn't return an empty value when no country was selected.
· URLs in forum macros without query parameter values weren't resolved correctly.
· Context macros didn't allow recursion in some cases.
· Page manager could cause an exception.
· Output cache wasn't flushed when document attachments were modified.
· Performing a mass action in List view mode of the Media library caused an error when a folder was selected.
· Group members data source web part had an incorrect path to its physical file.
· Documents - A deadlock occurred during document version history removal.
· Event log - A deadlock occurred when deleting old Event log entries.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5.12 (build no. 3873):
· It was possible to transfer documents between sites even if their document types were not assigned to the target site.
· Template subject was omitted when cloning newsletter templates.
· Newsletter unsubscription link was not resolved properly when it was placed right behind a metafile image.
· Group widgets were not saved correctly if a document was under workflow.
· Single object export - Object binary files were exported without their extensions, which could cause import problems.
· RSS transformations - Default transformations were using encoding, which caused issues with diacritics.
· Groups datasource web part contained an invalid path to its ASCX file.
· Import/Export - Newsletter subscribers were not exported properly.
· Staging - Document staging tasks list did not show document links correctly in the titles of some task types
· Permissions - When selecting a Custom table permission type, an error was shown if there were no custom tables assigned to the selected site.
· Group forum post viewer web part did not display any data.
· Cache wasn't flushed for documents when permissions changed.
· The RemoveUserFromRole method could throw an exception if it was used in custom code.
· Import - Workflow scopes were not imported during new site creation from a web template.
· Some CMS controls did not work properly in Visual studio design mode.
· Staging - Sorting a sub-section of a document did not log staging tasks.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5.11 (build no. 3866):
· Media file thumbnail was not refreshed when uploading a file under a folder path containing an apostrophe.
· Universal selector - Selection dialog did not show items correctly in special cases.
· Navigation controls did not display items in the correct order in special cases.
· Newsletters - A large number of subscribers caused their export to fail.
· Polls - Users were unable to create polls with the same code name in different community groups.
· Blog comments RSS web part - The Check permissions property was removed because it was useless.
· RSS feeds - RSS feeds were not cached properly in special cases.
· WYSIWYG editor - Attachment file icons were not displayed correcty in thumbnails and tiles view modes.
· Media libraries did not work effectively if web farm support was enabled.
· Scrolling news web part started scrolling right after a page was loaded.
· Image selection and Media selection form controls did not handle automatic resizing settings correctly.
· Paging in controls did not work correctly if partial caching was enabled.
· Smart search - German, Portugese, French and Swedish stop words lists contained duplicate words, which caused an exception.
· New site wizard - New sites were created with an incorrect content culture in special cases.
· Caching in the custom table datagrid and Custom table datalist did not work properly.
· Newsletters - Unsubscribing while mailout was in progress sometimes interrupted the mailout or caused it to report an incorrect sent e-mails count.
· Abuse report API - The GetAbuseReports method recursively called itself causing an infinite loop.
· Import - Web farm synchronization tasks for media files were not created during the import process.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5.10 (build no. 3859):
· Permission matrix drop-down list was not refreshed when the selected site changed.
· E-commerce checkout process - Country and state were not reloaded when the selected address changed.
· Security - An exception could occur when breaking document permission inheritance in special cases.
· Settings - Event log size setting was not reflected properly.
· Listing of users in Administration has been optimized.
· Friends data source web part had a wrong filename set.
· WYSIWYG editor - URLs generated for CMS.File documents did not reflect document URL extension settings.
· An error message was sometimes displayed when uploading attachments on machines using IIS 6.
· WYSIWYG editor - UI personalization was used even though it had been disabled in Site Manager settings.
· Form Engine - Macros used as default values of properties were not resolved in some places.
· Recycle bin - Document permissions weren't checked properly in Recycle bin.
· Friends - After approving or rejecting a friend using a link from an e-mail, the user name was missing in the confirmation e-mail.
· Workflow - User could not submit a document for approval from the edit step on the Workflow tab in specific cases.
· Workflow - Users could not check in a document which had been checked out before when check out/check in was turned off in settings.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5.9 (build no. 3849):
· URL Rewriting - Url path prefix wasn't processed in special cases.
· Security - It was possible to change the order of nodes without appropriate permissions.
· Security - User wasn't able to create new documents using the context menu in specific cases.
· Security - Editable content - user was able to delete editable content of a node without appropriate permissions.
· Document type icons weren't renamed appropriately when a user changed document type name.
· Attachments - The Attachment datasource web part didn't cache its data correctly.
· Media library - The See library content permission was not correctly checked for group media libraries.
· Localization didn't work correctly for tree menus in administration UI.
· Newsletters - Deleting a user or a role didn't result in deleting related newsletter subscribers.
· Newsletters - Sending dynamic newsletters may have caused big load.
· Newsletters - Sending newsletters with attachments to role subscriber caused an exception.
· Page placeholder didn't display content correctly on an inherited page if default page template was specified.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5.8 (build no. 3842):
· Settings - Event log size setting key allowed entering negative values.
· Ecommerce - Shopping cart item custom data wasn't transferred to the Order item custom fields.
· Web methods didn't work correctly in special cases.
· Security - The list of documents which use a page template was displayed incorrectly due to a wrong security check.
· Security - Document type permissions weren't checked correctly in multisite environment in special cases.
· Newsletters - Custom newsletter stylesheet wasn't applied when editing an issue.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5.7 (build no. 3834):
· Smart search - Polish stop words list contained duplicate words which caused an exception.
· Staging - Creation of group media libraries was not synchronized correctly.
· Ecommerce - When a site was deleted, the products assigned to the documents of that site were also deleted even if they were assigned to documents on another existing site.
· Message boards - Role code names were displayed instead of their display names in the list of roles on security tab in message board management.
· Widgets - Resetting to default did not work correctly in user widget zones.
· Child documents of a linked document did not keep their current order after creation.
· Output filter did not handle conditional comments properly.
· WYSIWYG editor - Inserting e-mail link did not work correctly if the e-mail body contained empty lines.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5.6 (build no. 3828):
· The Group polls web part did not work correctly in AJAX Update panel.
· URL path conversion did not correctly remove diacritics which could cause some multilingual URLs not to work in IE6.
· Configuration settings were not initialized correctly for the Document attachments field in special cases.
· MetaWeblogAPI trimmed the blog post summary in the middle of a word.
· The configured page not found page did not receive the set query string.
· Site folders were not deleted with the site in special cases.
· The OpenIDUserRequiredData web part did not display the 'Display message' property correctly.
· Membership - Authentication of a user with a name that contained special characters failed in mixed mode authentication.
· The Mobile redirection web part now creates a cookie indicating if the redirection was already done.
· Output cache was available longer than the Publish to field allowed.
· Output cache was not flushed when the document changed.
· Subscriber created for an e-commerce customer did not have the 'Subscriber full name' field set.
· Data web parts could throw an exception if the selected columns were defined explicitly.
· Shopping cart step images did not have tooltips assigned.
· Product selector displayed product options along with the list of products.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5.5 (build no. 3821):
· Google site map did not work correctly if the application was initialized through the Google site map page.
· Creating of a new document culture version could throw the 'Invalid length parameter passed to the RIGHT function.' exception in special cases.
· Web analytics displayed wrong browser version numbers on IIS7 and .NET 4.0.
· US Section 508 validation changes.
· The File system selector could throw an exception with some special forms of relative path.
· The Import wizard could throw an exception when having insufficient permissions on the import folder.
· The UniSelector did not resolve localization macros in drop-down lists.
· The WYSIWYG editor toolbar disappeared after partial postback in CMSDesk -> Content -> Form.
· Wrong document permissions could be set to child documents while breaking or restoring parent permissions inheritance.
· Documents after "Click here for more ..." were not displayed correctly in the content tree if there was more such items on the path.
· The Attachments data source web part did not cache its data properly.
· Media library - The MediaLibraryTree control accessed an incorrect disk location.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5.4 (build no. 3817):
· MetaWeblogAPI - Image paths were incorrect when the system was installed in the root of IIS.
· Media library - An exception was thrown when CMYK images were resized on Windows 7.
· Media library - Multiple file import did not work when page size drop-down list and paging was used in the file listing.
·  Reporting - Graph/Table/Value items were not loaded correctly in special cases in the editing window.
· Version manager did not perform proper checks for empty datasets and therefore was causing exceptions.
· Web part categories with the same display name could cause an exception on the web part editing page.
· Widget categories with the same display name could cause an exception on the widget editing page.
· Scheduled tasks for e-mail and newsletter sending could start more threads at one time.
· Forums - On-site management actions did not work for .NET 4.0.
· Linked document creation did not flush the cache properly.
· Optimized deleting of archived e-mails prevents "Out of memory" exceptions.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5.3 (build no. 3810):
· Portal engine - The "Display to roles" web part zone property did not work properly for global administrators.
· Reporting - Graphs did not work if the application ran under medium trust.
· Documents - A document under a workflow marked as a product was not published correctly in special cases.
· Portal engine - Widget header controls were hidden in editing mode when the widget itself was hidden (e.g. while having the "Hide if no record found" property on).
· User control selector - The entered file's extension was not checked.
· General - An exception was thrown when a user browsed the live site with an unusual device.
· The "Restore all" function in Recycle bin restored only documents on the first page of the list.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5.2 (build no. 3803):
· Content staging - When a user selected to synchronize all tasks on the Documents tab, the tasks were sychronized in an incorrect order.
· The "Always use URL without trailing slash" setting could cause an infinite redirect loop on the website root page.
· Site cultures list showed only the first 11 pages.
· Export wizard - items were not preselected correctly in specific cases.
· Media library files selection did not work properly if the copy/move dialog was closed without executing an action.
· Content staging - A document created under a workflow was published immediately after synchronization to the target server.
· Content staging - Archived documents were not synchronized correctly in some special cases.
· Field editor - Users could not add a new system attribute of LongText data type (e.g. the DocumentTags attribute) to a document type.
· Cursor position was lost after postback when editing a text area.
· Attachment URLs were not handled correctly if a custom file friendly URL extension was used.
· In-place localization macros used parameters of the previously evaluated macro.
· TrueValue and FalseValue macro parameters did not work properly if used after an evaluation parameter.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.5.1 (build no. 3793):
· Search – The 'Did you mean' web part could throw an exception in special cases.
· Page template categories with the same display name could cause an exception on the template editing page.
· Friends - Ignore list was not respected when sending friendship request notification messages.
· File system selector - Selected file path was invalid if the web site was installed into the root.
· Content Staging - There was an occasional problem with the DataReader during document staging tasks logging.
· UI Cultures - If user selected '(default)' option in the 'Preferred user interface culture' setting, an exception was thrown after she logged in the system again.
· New Site Wizard - There was a problem with loading web site templates if the Previous button was hit.
· Selectors in the permissions administration section did not reflect site selection when loading the list of modules/document types.
· Page template inheritance didn't work properly for values defined on the Master page tab.

Should you need any help with this hotfix or experience any other issues with it, please feel free to contact us at Version 5.5 contains all bug fixes from 5.0 version.
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