New Hotfix 5.0.4 Released

The new hotfix package was released and it is available for download. You can find the hotfix packages for appropriate .Net version in the Bugtracker (the orange box on the right). Instructions are included, please read carefully.
Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.0.4:
· TreeProvider – Alias path with special characters wasn't correctly processed.
· CSSListMenu – Menu item with javascript action contained wrong URL.
· Ecommerce – Volume discount dialog didn’t work properly in Internet Explorer.
· Media library – Folder edit control wasn’t displayed properly after unsuccessful validation.
· Media library – “File created by” information changed to N/A for public users.
· Media library – New folder dialog wasn't working properly when Windows authentication was enabled.
· Media library – Creating new media library could throw an exception in case of wrong permissions.
· Newsletters – CSS stylesheets of newsletter templates weren't cached properly.
· Staging/Import/Export – The child objects count wasn't updated correctly for page template, web part and widget categories.
· Media library – Group media library viewer webpart didn’t process site name correctly.
· Recycle bin – Document name path filter wasn't working properly in specific situations.
· Media library – If an error occurred when uploading the file, error message appeared several times.
· Multiple operations - Tree wasn't refreshed correctly after canceling delete operation.
· Web part or page template disappeared from administration interface if category was changed.
· Web parts - User context menu from Members tranformation might cause the ViewState of other controls to be lost

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.0.3 (included in 5.0.4):
· Staging – UI elements weren't synchronized correctly in special cases.
· Staging – Renaming of media file wasn't synchronized correctly.
· Export to Excel 2007 – An error occurred when opening file with exported GUID data.
· Site with site domain name which is already taken could be started.
· Media library – If the title for a file contained special characters, it caused JavaScript error when trying to select such file and then it was not possible to select any file.
· Media library – Group media library security checkbox had wrong image path on livesite.
· WYSIWYG editor – Tooltip over "Quickly insert image" button didn't work in Firefox.
· WYSIWYG editor dialogs – Inserting path didn't reflect checkbox "Include sub-items".
· Media library – In live site management some icons weren’t set properly.
· Google sitemap - page was not rendered correctly for lastmod element.
· Forums – Notification e-mail with plain text; BB macros weren't resolved correctly.
· WebFarms – In special cases synchronization tasks weren't deleted from task queue.
· Import of page templates could throw an exception in special cases.
· Minor design issues.
· List page and Preview page properties of document type were not reflected.
· Media library – Several design changes for live site.
· Form engine – SQL query that filled a field with values caused an error if it contained characters like "<", ">".
· Field selection form control was not using UniSelector.
· Workflow documents - Selection in grid was not working properly.
· UI personalization - CMS Desk -> Tools -> Blogs section was accessible only to global administrator when UI personalization was enabled

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.0.2 (included in 5.0.3):
· The administration UI section in Site Manager wasn't displayed correctly in RTL UI culture.
· Ecommerce – Image selector does not open in the correct configuration.
· Uploader control – The URLs of images of the control weren’t resolved correctly in special cases.
· Media library – New folder dialog used wrong format for new directory in some cases.
· Workflow scopes – Document type selector was opening live site dialog
· UniGrid – Filters do not work properly with diacritics characters.
· Web parts – WMP web part does not work properly in specific cases.
· Web parts – Real media web part was displaying alternative text even when Real player was installed (Firefox, Opera).
· Messaging – User selection dialog was not working properly when Windows authentication was enabled.
· Import/Export – Import of a package from older version to an empty project could cause some system queries to be missing.
· Minor design issues.
· Staging – An error was shown when complete synchronization was performed on the Data tab.
· Content – Document filter in the listing mode didn't work correctly in specific cases.
· Webparts - HeaderTemplate and SeparatorTemplate properties were not working properly in Attachment lightbox gallery.
· Staging - Synchronization of Media library folder copy task wasn't processed correctly.
· Web parts - Cache dependencies form control didn't work correctly

Bugs fixed in hotfix 5.0.1 (included in 5.0.2):
· StyleSheets - Changing stylesheet to custom cause exception.
· PageTemplates - Action "Save as new template" didn't assign new template to current site.
· MessageBoard - Hiding message board with check permissions property didn't hide content before and content after.
· Tab menu webpart couldn't be added to the page and thrown an exception.
· Installation or site import could fail if default database schema wasn't set to 'dbo'.
· Installation wizard - Object types in tree were not selected correctly in specific situations.
· My desk - Message was missing when user had no checked out documents.
· Grid column designer – minor design issues.
· Search index tasks were improperly logged for export.
· Web part on-line users thrown an exception in some cases.
· Cultures couldn't be added to the site in special cases.

Should you need any help with this hotfix or experience any other issues with it, please feel free to contact us at
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