New Hotfix 4.1.20 Released

The new hotfix package was released and it is available for download. You can find the hotfix packages for appropriate .Net version in the Bugtracker - Hotfixes section. Instructions are included, please read carefully.
Please note: hotfixes for 4.1 version are released only until the upgrade procedure to 5.0 is not released.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 4.1.20:
Content – Document filter in the listing mode didn't work correctly in specific cases.
Webparts - HeaderTemplate and SeparatorTemplate properties were not working properly in Attachment lightbox gallery

Bugs fixed in hotfix 4.1.19 (included in 4.1.20):
Staging - Document aliases weren't synchronized correctly
Message boards – User message board wasn’t displayed for ASPX templates model
Webparts – WMP webpart didn't work properly in IE6 and Safari.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 4.1.18 (included in 4.1.19):
· Documents - Document url path wasn't set for newly created document although "Use name path for URL path" option was enabled.
· Staging - Views for system tables weren't updated during the staging process.
· Messaging - Inbox and Outbox grids could not be ordered by From/To columns.
· Documents - If the document URL path is generated from the document name, the child documents URL paths were not correctly updated if the parent document name changed.
· E-mail addresses - single quote characters were not allowed in local part of the address.
· Groups - Group pages weren't correctly created if workflow was applied to the template document.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 4.1.17 (included in 4.1.18):
· Smart search - Sort by date/time field can throw exception "Value was either too large or too small for an Int32". If you encounter this problem, you can use (date) prefix for date time field. Example: (date)_created or (date)DocumentCreatedWhen. You don’t need to use this prefix if sorting is working properly. This option is available for version 4.1.17 and higher.
· Attachments - Content length value in the HTTP-response could be incorrect in some cases.
· Attachments - GetFile page thrown exception "The remote host closed the connection. The error code is 0x80070057" in some cases.
· UrlPath with wildcard rule didn't work properly for multilingual documents.
· Domain alias redirect didn't work properly for extension less and custom extensions.
· WYSIWYG editor dialogs – Detecting flash object didn't work properly in some cases.
· GetFile - The document within GetFile wasn't cached per site which might cause issues with attachments on a multisite configuration.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 4.1.16 (included in 4.1.17):
· Membership – Not all message board subscriptions were deleted if the user was deleted.
· Messaging - ViewMessage control was generating redundant tags (</td></tr></table>)
· Web analytics - 'The process cannot access the file ... because it is being used by another process' exception in event log.
· Tags - Inserting tags with special characters didn't work properly
· SpellChecker -  did not work properly with Russian dictionary.
· Staging - Global objects log tasks for all web sites, not only for assigned ones, which results later in assignment to other sites than checked.
· AbuseReport inline control didn't work in media gallery transformations.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 4.1.15 (included in 4.1.16):
· Smart search - Not published documents weren't properly indexed in some cases.
· Smart search - Archived linked documents weren't properly indexed in some cases.
· Scheduler - User interface didn't save settings properly in some cases.
· WYSIWYG editor dialogs – Inserting QuickTime video on web tab didn't work properly.
· CMSRepeater - DelayedLoading property didn't work properly.
· Documents – Document version wasn’t created correctly if user deleted unsorted attachment under workflow.
· E-commerce - ‘Open order' link, generated by ##NEWORDERLINK## macro, didn't work due to the wrong target path.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 4.1.14 (included in 4.1.15):
· Documents – NodeName of the document wasn't updated when the document name changed which resulted in the alphabetical sorting not working properly.
· Workflow – List of roles for custom steps wasn't displayed for selected site in some special cases.
· Content Staging – The previous update task for a document was incorrectly deleted when the document was published.
· Tags - Document tag group inheritance doesn't work correctly when different tag groups are set for each language version of a document.
· Smart search - search in attachments didn't work properly in some cases.
· Document aliases didn't work properly for specific culture versions.
· Content Staging – When user changed permission of some role, the staging task for role wasn’t logged.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 4.1.13 (included in 4.1.14):
· GetFile logs exception "The remote host closed the connection. The error code is 0x80072746" when the user is disconnected.
· Default UI culture – Value of CMSDefaultUICulture key in web.config did not work properly.
· Export – Ad-hoc page templates could be incorrectly exported as single object.
· Module titles on CMSDesk – Tools main page could not have been localized.
· WYSIWYG editor dialogs – Selection from content tree didn't work properly.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 4.1.12 (included in 4.1.13):
· URL Rewriting – Wildcard URLs with brackets wasn't resolved correctly.
· Workflow – Missing e-mail template(s) for the workflow e-mails caused exception when moving document to another step.
· Internet explorer didn't download files under secured connection in some cases.
· Smart search – Index with more than one allowed or excluded item didn’t work properly.
· Documents – Document of type CMS.File in archived step was accessible through the URL.
· IE6 and IE7 generated a gap at the end of the page
· Attachments – Download dialog did not recognized some extensions.
· User settings – User starting alias path didn’t save properly in some cases.
· WYSIWYG editor dialogs – Inserting link with defined CSS class didn’t return valid HTML code.
· Security – With global settings key ‘Combine with default culture’ set to true, user who could edit only some cultures wasn’t able to create document in these cultures using another(not allowed) culture version.
· URL Rewriting - Redirection of domain alias to caused infinite redirection loop
· Content Staging – When user changed permission of some role, the staging task for role wasn’t logged.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 4.1.11 (included in 4.1.12):
· CMS Desk – Content was redirected to bad URL after copy/move in listing mode.
· Smart search – Class name was duplicated in the search query if attachment search was enabled.
· Portal Manager – Duplicated workflow status bar was displayed in some cases.
· EmailProvider – e-mails with non-existing addresses were processed by SMTP server despite of relay
restrictions; this issue was caused by ‘SmtpClient.UseDefaultCredentials = true’; the property may be set by new app settings key ‘CMSEmailUseDefaultCredentials’ now.
· Bizforms – the $$label$$ macro in e-mails was replaced by empty string if a field had empty caption.
· Web analytics – initialization of the IP2CountryHelper class could  cause System.OutOfMemoryException.
· Documents – Document of type CMS.File in archived step was accessible through the URL.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 4.1.10 (included in 4.1.11):
· Social bookmarking web part wasn't thread safe.
· Resizing of GIF images under medium trust and .Net 3.5 SP1 failed.
· Registering YouTube unloading JavaScript didn't work properly.
· System tables: View_CMS_Tree_Joined_Versions database view was not updated if new column was added to COM_SKU system table.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 4.1.9 (included in 4.1.10):
· Content Staging – Staging tasks for linked documents weren’t created when user copied those documents.
· Documents – Linked documents in combination with 'Use name path for URL path' setting caused invalid data for current document context macros.
· Content Staging – Document aliases weren't synchronized with the document.
· URL Rewriting – URLs with underline were not correctly resolved in special cases.
· Editable image web part – The selector wasn't correctly disabled after check-in.
· User Interface – Tab in the Properties of document in CMS Desk wasn’t preselected correctly when accessed through the content tree context menu.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 4.1.8 (included in 4.1.9):
· Content Staging - Staging tasks for BizForms weren't created for some changes.
· WYSIWYG editor dialogs – Selecting from content tree on site with more cultures didn't work correctly.
· General – Multiple resource string with same key caused exception in UI in some special cases.
· Info object connection was ignored when the method connection wasn't specified.
· Filters - Filter controls duplicated where condition.
· Header content not included in pages in case of inherited page templates
· Full page caching - Previous hotfix caused an issue in case there was no web site available

Bugs fixed in hotfix 4.1.7 (included in 4.1.8):
· Smart search - Search was performed only when the content part of the search expression was present.
· Smart search - Integer and Double prefix wasn't resolved in search condition.
· Document aliases didn't check the site settings correctly.
· Role selection displayed hidden users in special cases.
· Web analytics – “The given key was not present in the dictionary” exception could have occurred in event log when smart checking was used.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 4.1.6 (included in 4.1.7):
· Documents – Insufficient permissions check on document Properties -> Versions tab.
· WYSIWYG editor - In "Insert image or media" dialog there were only user's running sites available for global administrator instead of all running sites.
· WYSIWYG editor - Selection of the multi-cultural document didn't work properly.
· Ecommerce - Shopping cart web part didn't work properly in update panel.
· Full page caching - The cache was not used when the client didn't have the cookies enabled
· Attachments - When using check-in/check-out updating image attachment didn't refresh the image in special cases.
· New site wizard didn't work correctly under windows authentication in special cases.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 4.1.5 (included 4.1.6):
· Newsletters Editable region with “-“ (dash) in its name worked only when editing a newsletter issue, it did not worked on preview or sending.
· Image editorPreview of the image wasn’t shown correctly after some action was performed in special cases.
· Webparts Content before and content after was displayed when “Hide if no record found” was set and no records were found (applies to multiple webparts)
· Attachments – User was able to modify document attachments even if the account didn’t have permission to current document workflow step.
· Export – Source control folders (.svn) weren’t excluded correctly from the export package.
· Media library UI - 'Open in full size' link didn't work when URL contains port number.
· Documents – Insufficient permissions check on document Properties -> Versions tab.
· Custom tables - Actions disappeared after two postbacks in custom table data listing
· Blogs – Moderated trackback comments were not displayed in comment list.
· Content – Under specific circumstances (inconsistency in database) creating the new culture of the document could delete the document and its child documents entirely.
· WYSIWYG editor - Serialization error occurs in "Inser image or media" dialog when using <sessionState
mode="StateServer" /> in web.config file.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 4.1.4 (included in 4.1.5):
· Live site – Head element contained debug element CSS classes even if the debug mode was not set.
· Custom tables – If selected columns of a custom table contained column which didn’t exist anymore for the custom table, an exception was shown when user displayed the custom table data.
· Documents – Ad-hoc page template was deleted with document even if other language versions of the document used this page template.
· Smart search - Checking permissions for global administrator in some cases didn't work properly.
· E-mail engine - Impersonating problem in AsyncEmailSender class.
· Bizforms – Empty links occurred in notification and confirmation e-mails even though no files were uploaded.
· GetFile – In case of leaving the CMSDesk, the culture settings for GetFile script wasn’t applied correctly if the culture was changed on the live site.
· Reporting - Reporting controls required the stored procedure query to have all the context parameters instead of just the report parameters.
· Attachments - Content Before and Content After properties issue with DocumentAttachments and AttachmentLightboxGallery web parts.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 4.1.3 (included in 4.1.4):
· Universal document viewer - Paging didn't work properly and data were not displayed if site name and culture were not specified.
· WYSIWYG editor - In some cases an exception was thrown while saving the document.
· Media libraries - media library context macros didn't work properly.
· Paging of CMS server controls in some special cases didn't work properly.
· CMSViewer - XSLT transformation wasn't correctly displayed.
· Deletion of group pages could throw exception due to reference problems.
· Web analytics – “An entry with the same key already exists” error could have occurred when smart checking was used.
· Document attachments - Exception was thrown when workflow scope was set on an existing document.
· Document attachments - User wasn't able to edit image attachment when creating new language version of a document.
· Ecommerce - Custom code of the CustomOrderInfoProvider.GetInvoiceNumber(obj order) method wasn't applied while evaluating ##INVOICENUMBER## macro in e-mail templates.
· Import/Export - 'No license found' error message was displayed when user tried to import site on domain with some port even if the license for given domain existed.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 4.1.2 (included in 4.1.3):
· Content Staging - Media library files (database records) weren’t synchronized.
· Document attachments – New attachment link is not visible in some special cases (e.g. diacritics in resource strings).
· Deployment – Custom table transformations weren’t saved to disk during the deployment process.
· Attachments – Attachment web parts didn’t displayed the grouped attachments on ASPX templates.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 4.1.1 (included in 4.1.2):
· SmartSearch - Creation of new index ignored white space analyzer.
· SmartSearch - "No result text" message wasn't displayed properly.
· Custom tables – Exception was thrown in the custom table data list in CMS Desk UI when user selected fields to be displayed in the list of data.
· Tags – In some cases tag selection didn’t work properly when tag group was changed on Metadata tab in
document properties.
· WYSIWYG editor dialogs – In some cases page event validation exception was thrown.
· WYSIWYG editor - Wrong URL of the inserted images, media and links in e-mail templates
· Import/Export – Importing site into existing site in one instance broke integrity of the documents in special cases.
· Forums – In some cases community forum didn't display forum attachments properly.
· In some cases URL with trailing slash wasn't correctly generated.
· Web analytics - KeyNotFoundException occurs when smart checking is used in web analytics.
· If Windows authentication was enabled, form state helper didn't work properly
· Javascript error occurs while unloading the page with YouTube video player
· Newsletters - images were not displayed in incoming e-mails
· Macro resolver – Default values weren’t correctly resolved.
· Deployment - Web site couldn't be compiled to a single assembly due to class duplicity

Should you need any help with this hotfix or experience any other issues with it, please feel free to contact us at
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