New Hotfix 4.0.9 Released

The new hotfix package was released and it is available for download. You can find the hotfix packages for appropriate .Net version in the Bugtracker (the orange box on the right). Instructions are included.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 4.0.9:
· When user copied a document with attachment and modified or deleted attachment of copied document, original attachment was influenced. (This bug exists from hotfix 4.0.5 and higher. We are sorry for this inconvenience, we will try to avoid it in the future).

Bugs fixed in hotfix 4.0.8 (included in 4.0.9):
· Form engine – context macros in field default values were not resolved if the fields were hidden.
· Newsletters – {%subscriberrelatedid%}, {%subscribercustomdata%} and {%subscriberlastmodified%} macros were not resolved for user and role subscriber.
· Deletion of multiple documents didn’t work correctly in the List mode.
· User was unable to reject friend through the user context menu.
· When user wanted to send a private message on a live site, he was unable to type letter ‘t’ in the message body and subject in Firefox browser.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 4.0.7 (included in 4.0.8):
· If webfarm support was enabled, deletion of user invoked endless creation of web farm tasks.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 4.0.6 (included in 4.0.7):
· Editable image web part used live site dialog for image selection instead of the CMS Desk dialog.
· List of custom table data was unable to page sorted items.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 4.0.5 (included in 4.0.6):
· If document was rejected in a workflow step, user who approved the document to this step didn’t receive an notification email with information that the document was rejected.
· Site manager trimmed "www" from the domain names which could cause problems with scheduler in case the IIS was not configured for the domain without "www".
· GetFile.aspx page didn’t work properly with the document cache which was causing slower file processing.
· When new culture version of the document under workflow was created, this culture version of the document was automatically published.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 4.0.4 (included in hotfix 4.0.5):
· If user tried to create new culture version of a document without any document version under workflow, an error occurred if document contained any attachment field.
· Check in/out option is turned on for the workflow, the first created version of new document
didn’t contain the attachments (if any included).
· Incorrect SQL queries behind GetObjectHitsInfo(…) and GetObjectHitCount(…) methods under HitsInfoProvider class.
· No error message is displayed on logon form after login failure.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 4.0.3 (included in hotfix 4.0.4):
· List of licenses in the import dialog throw an exception
· Wildcard rule in document URL path was applied to all available sites
· Forum link disappeared if role based security was enabled for “Access to forum” permission
· Data from newsletter subscriber’s additional columns (added via System tables) were not resolved in newsletter issue
· Localized controls displayed text in default culture (en-us)
· If custom resource string did not exist in current culture but did exist in default one then the resource string key was displayed instead of resource string from default culture

Bugs fixed in hotfix 4.0.2 (included in hotfix 4.0.3):
· Tree view - Word wrap option wasn’t applied
· Tree view - Expand sub-tree wasn’t applied if root node was hidden

Bugs fixed in hotfix 4.0.1 (included in hotfix 4.0.2):
· Content staging - number of existing items of an BizForm was set to zero after synchronization
· Custom registration form - the webpart does not work in ASPX environment
· Portal engine - Design mode sometimes doesn't display when Windows authentication is set
· Security - ViewStateUserKey is used with full page caching, which causes error on postback from another session
· Ecommerce tools – macro resource strings Macros in names of statuses are not resolved in CMSDesk --> Extra --> Ecommerce --> Configuration (e.g. Public status, Order status). It displays only resource strings instead of correct names.
· ASPX templates - Fixes the issue when transformation can't be found after first load of page after IIS restart (there appears message similar to the following: The '[CMSDataProperties.LoadTransformation]: The file '/CMSTransformations/CMS/News/Latest.ascx' does not exist.)
· Portal engine - Page title does not resolve document data macros correctly
· Security - password stored in plain text and not in SHA1
· Tree view - root text property was not applied
· Tree view - in Expand and Collapse tooltip was not encoded the HTML
· Image selectors - missing Upload file link for non-global administrator users
· ImportExport - resources and licenses export error query - Ambiguous column name 'StringKey' or
· Document type permissions – settings: Administration -> Permissions -> Permission type: Document Types is not applied.
· Media library – unable to delete site when media library was bind to some role
· User settings - error in import process when importing existing user into the database
· Newsletters - wrong permissions for pages from CMSPages in CMSModules/web.config
· Content staging - change of transformation or query is not logged
· Content staging - fixed synchronization of object counts

Should you need any help with this hotfix or experience any other issues with it, please feel free to contact us at
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