New Hotfix 4.0.2 Released

The new hotfix package was released and it is available for download. You can find the hotfix packages for appropriate .Net version in the Bugtracker (the orange box on the right). Instructions are included.
Please note: the hotfixes do not go through detailed testing and you should only use them if you need to fix some particular issue. All hotfixes are cumulative from the last Kentico CMS version. If you upgrade to a newer version (e.g. to 4.1, 5.0, etc.), the upgrade will also fix the bugs, so it's not necessary to use the hotfixes.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 4.0.2:
· Tree view - Word wrap option wasn’t applied
· Tree view - Expand sub-tree wasn’t applied if root node was hidden.

Bugs fixed in hotfix 4.0.1 (included in hotfix 4.0.2):
· Content staging - number of existing items of an BizForm was set to zero after synchronization
· Custom registration form - the webpart does not work in ASPX environment
· Portal engine - Design mode sometimes doesn't display when Windows authentication is set
· Security - ViewStateUserKey is used with full page caching, which causes error on postback from another session
· Ecommerce tools – macro resource strings Macros in names of statuses are not resolved in CMSDesk --> Extra --> Ecommerce --> Configuration (e.g. Public status, Order status). It displays only resource strings instead of correct names.
· ASPX templates - Fixes the issue when transformation can't be found after first load of page after IIS restart (there appears message similar to the following: The '[CMSDataProperties.LoadTransformation]: The file '/CMSTransformations/CMS/News/Latest.ascx' does not exist.)
· Portal engine - Page title does not resolve document data macros correctly
· Security - password stored in plain text and not in SHA1
· Tree view - root text property was not applied
· Tree view - in Expand and Collapse tooltip was not encoded the HTML
· Image selectors - missing Upload file link for non-global administrator users
· ImportExport - resources and licenses export error query - Ambiguous column name 'StringKey' or
· Document type permissions – settings: Administration -> Permissions -> Permission type: Document Types is not applied.
· Media library – unable to delete site when media library was bind to some role
· User settings - error in import process when importing existing user into the database
· Newsletters - wrong permissions for pages from CMSPages in CMSModules/web.config
· Content staging - change of transformation or query is not logged
· Content staging - fixed synchronization of object counts

Should you need any help with this hotfix or experience any other issues with it, please feel free to contact us at

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