New and Free: Syntax Highlighter Web Part, Advanced DropDown List Web Part and four RTL Templates

Check out the new additions to the Kentico Marketplace!
Syntax Highlighter

The Syntax Highlighter web part by Michal Vrana, Technical Leader at Kentico, highlights the syntax of specified text. It's very easy to use; just insert the text and select the language. You can choose from several  languages such as C#, JavaScript, CSS, XML/HTML, PHP, SQL and more. The web part is based on the JavaScript library SyntaxHighlighter made by Alex Gorbatchev, licensed under MIT or LGPL. Download the web part now from the Kentico Marketplace.

Advanced DropDown List

The Advanced DropDown List web part by Webcoda, a Kentico Gold Partner from Australia, allows you to place a drop-down list, populated with data from either a custom table, custom query, documents in the document tree or any other custom data, on a page. The web part is highly configurable and styleable. It can be used, for example, to redirect to the selected document or to filter the documents in the document repeaters. For more information about this web part, please visit Kentico Marketplace.
RTL Templates

4Hilton, a Kentico Gold Partner from Israel, recently submitted four right-to-left (RTL) website templates to our Marketplace. The templates are suitable for a small business or a personal website. You can choose from Blue, Dark Blue, Green and Brown RTL templates. All of them are offered free in the Kentico Marketplace.

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Daniela Kubikova

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4Hilton commented on

We would be happy to hear any feed back regarding our new right-to-left (RTL) templates.

They are suitable and can easily be used for both Hebrew, Yiddish, Arabic and any other RTL content sites.