New and Free at the Marketplace: Two New Web Parts by Inorbital

Scrolling Footer & Lightbox gallery with One Image Preview
Inorbital, a Kentico Gold Partner from Canada, submitted two new web parts to the Marketplace - Scrolling Footer and Lightbox gallery with One Image Preview.

The Scrolling Footer web part is a repeater which renders specified documents using a given ASCX transformation to produce the scrollable footer. Each scrolling footer item includes an image and a link. Five footer items are shown at all times. When scrolling to the end of the items, it will loop and bring in the first footer item in the list. You can use the CSS stylesheet included in the package or create your own. Installation instruction are also included in the package.


The Lightbox gallery with One Image Preview web part allows users to add a lightbox gallery to a page, with one image viewable in the content, a link to activate the gallery and default text. A customized document type is also included in the package. Each instance of this document type will represent one image in the gallery. It allows users to add a caption to each image which will then be displayed with the image in the gallery.

Both web parts are available for free at Kentico Marketplace.

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Thanks for your example Tony!

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See this scroller in action on this site and any of the micro-sites: