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Web part for displaying external RSS feeds on your website by r42 communication
Recently, r42 communication, a Kentico Gold Partner from Canada, developed the RSS reader web part. It’s offered for free at Kentico Marketplace.

The web part allows you to display external RSS 2.0 feeds on your web site. It uses the XML Schema for RSS v2.0, which is also included in the web part files. To display the content, the web part uses a transformation. Simply use <%# Eval("tagname") %> to display the required information.

Example of a transformation for the RSS Reader web part:

<h2><a href="<%# Eval("link") %>"> <%# Eval("title") %> </a></h2>
<%# Eval("pubDate") %>
<br />
<%# Eval("description") %>
<br />
<br />

Properties of the RSS Reader web part:


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