My apologies to everyone who missed the webinar

I know now one thing for sure now: The GMT does not include the summer time. The webinar was one hour sooner that it was supposed to be!
Hi everybody,

At first, I would like to thank everybody who joined the webinar on time, interestingly it was the most of the attendees who made the same mistake as me, so the webinar was filled with people the same time I started :-) (that's also why it didn't occur to me that it is wrong time)

The mistake was to schedule the webinar in GMT time zone, which I didn't know does not include summer time changes, so the webinar should actually be one hour later than it actually was. The reason to use GMT was because the last time many people were confused by CEST (Central European Standart Time) not being CET (Central Eastern Time), I see the change of the time zone wasn't wise.

So I apologize to everyone who might miss it because of my misunderstanding.

Luckily, the webinar will be available as always on Partner portal and later on DevNet as always, so no one will miss it.

For the future, just count on that webinar is always at the same time, which is 5 P.M. CEST (Central European), which is local time zone no matter whether there is an earthquake or Startrek on TV. If there would be a change, I would let you know here.

Here comes the poll (zones that make sense for most of clients):

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