Meet our 2014 Kentico DevNet Hero

Guess who received special recognition for a HUGE contribution to the Kentico community? Our brand new 2014 Kentico DevNet Hero, Brenden Kehren! Come and read about the loads of awesome things he’s done for the Kentico community this year and how much he enjoyed his trip to Kentico headquarters in the Czech Republic.
The numbers don’t lie – 959 answers to questions on DevNet and 137 issues solved! To say the least, we were very impressed when we evaluated the DevNet statistics for 2014. But that’s not all – Brenden even solved an issue in just 90 seconds after the question had been posted!  


Brenden is a passionate Kentico developer who built his own business as a Kentico partner – since then, he has been an asset to the Kentico community. As a token of our gratitude, we couldn’t think of any better way to thank him than to invite him to our Christmas party and fly him over to the Czech Republic! 
Despite the fact that this was his first trip to Europe, without even batting an eyelash, Brenden hopped on a plane to come visit us at Kentico headquarters in the beautiful Czech city of Brno. The Kentico crew spent a couple of unforgettable days together with him, most notably at our Oktoberfest theme Christmas party.  
During the day, Brenden continued to prove his dedication to and knowledge of Kentico by attending a series of meetings with the Marketing, Development and Support teams, respectively speaking – he even helped the support team answer some of their tickets!

But by night, Brenden was a party animal on the prowl! Be it beer-drinking competitions, chatting, or just hanging out hard overall, Brenden is not only an awesome Kentico developer, but also the best drinking buddy you can find… so long as you can keep up!


On Saturday morning, Brenden went sightseeing with some of the team in Brno, had lunch in South Moravia – a region in the Czech Republic acclaimed for its fine wine – and finished this adventurous day at Brno’s awe-inspiring Christmas market.  

It was sad to see Brenden leave so soon – and he certainly expressed his desire to stay longer – but we have a feeling that he’ll be back soon.

Thanks again for your work and dedication Brenden, we look forward to seeing the brilliant things you will do in 2015!
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