Mapping document fields to product properties

This article deals with problem during mapping document image field to product image field.
As you probably already know there is a very simple way how to tell the system which fields of the particular document type should be used to supply the properties of the E-commerce product. There is one special limitation (design requirement) that could be considered for the bug by users however there is no need for panic, because we have solution.

When mapping document fields you may need to map also the field containing the image you want to use for e-commerce product. Because of different type of field used for storing pictures concerning the document's 'File' field and e-commerce picture field you need to include the 'CMSUseMetaFileForProductImage' setting key in your 'web.config' file to make image field mapping working.

This key could contain values 'true' or 'false'. If set to 'true' (default value), user is asked to choose a product image from the file system of her computer. The product image is uploaded to server and saved as a metafile of the given product (product image document of type 'CMS.File' is not created). The path to the given metafile is saved as a product image path (SKUImagePath). If set to 'false', user is asked to choose a document of type cms.file to become a product image. The path to the selected document is saved as a product image path (SKUImagePath).

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Applies to: Kentico CMS 3.x
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