Knowledge base articles you might find useful no.4

It has been a month since I published my last post on  KB articles that you may find interesting, so it’s time for a new set of articles which may help you deliver the functionality you need.
Let’s start with this blog post, which shows you how to give feedback and rate our e-mail support.

KB articles:
How to add an extra button for a widget to the CK editor - If you want to add an extra button to the CK Editor’s toolbar that allows you to place your own or a default widget as an in-line widget to the editor’s field, you’ll find all details in this article.
How to set the starting node for a document selector – By default, the Document selector form control displays all documents. However, you can use custom code to enable selection of the starting node. Follow the link for more information.
Discount on entire order – This article gives you instructions as to how to implement the discount functionality for an entire order.
And also some FAQs:
When using REST services, what should I do when I get the message "This collection already contains an address..."?
Why do I receive the error “The requested feature is not available in the CMS...” after configuring SMTP settings?
Kentico 6 not working on Azure SDK 1.7
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