Knowledge base articles you might find useful no.3

It has been a month since I published my last post about interesting KB articles, so it’s time for new set of articles.  These articles may help you to deliver the functionality you need, without scratching your head for a long time.
Again, I will begin with something special. This time it is a post from our technical writer and it is about getting some feedback on our documentation from you:

How to improve our documentation?

Please, take a few minutes and fill out the form, your opinion is very important and much appreciated so we can make things better - for you.

And now back to some interesting KB and FAQ articles:

Products import from an external source - this is an older one but it was updated recently for version 6 due to the API changes. In the article you can find a link to download the sample package with code files.

The Controls collection cannot be modified because the control contains code blocks - this article describes what to do if you are getting this error message or you are using the code blocks in a page or web part layouts.

Difference between content scheduling and workflow publishing - in last couple of weeks there was some confusion between using the content scheduling fields and workflow - both are using the term "publish" which was little bit misleading since it has different meaning for each approach.

How to assign content to a CMSEditableRegion control via the code-behind - This article describes how to assign content to a CMSEditableRegion control defined in the ASPX template, from within the code-behind.

Hardware requirements for running Kentico - short FAQ explains it.

Why doesn’t the Google sitemap display all documents? - what to check if you do not see all your documents in the Google site map.

How can I set a file (such as a text file) to be loaded in the browser instead of downloaded? - this FAQ will show you how to setup your site so the files are displayed in the browser instead of the download dialog offer.

If you have ideas on some new KBs or FAQs or you are missing some topics covered, please let me know in this post comments. Thank you!

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