Knowledge base articles you might find useful no.2

It has been a month since I published my last post about interesting KB articles, so it’s time for new set of articles.  These articles may help you to deliver the functionality you need, without scratching your head for a long time.
This time, I will begin with an important blog post from our CTO, which is especially important for EU and UK developers or site owners. This post is about the new cookie law that was enforced a couple of weeks ago:

Cookies used in Kentico CMS 6

How to find the location of the code for a page used in the user interface – this article shows how to find the code files used in the UI (using FireFox) when you want to change the default code or take inspiration from it.

How to setup extension-less URLs without .aspx extension support – by default, when extension-less URLs are allowed, you can also access the page with the .aspx extension. This article will show you how to avoid it.

Safe mode on Design tab – under some special circumstance, you may not be able to remove/modify the web part on the Design tab. This article explains what to do in such cases.

How to bind nested repeaters with a selected data source

Moving file storage from DB to the file system – to be sure all files were moved to the file system before clearing the DB records.

And also some FAQs:
How can I get cache dependencies for a custom table?
How can I set a file (such as a text file) to be loaded in the browser instead of downloaded?
How is the search score and search relevance computed?

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