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In the last couple of months we have created more than 80 new knowledge base articles, as well as updating old articles to match version 6 if needed. In this post I will mention some of the more interesting and helpful KB articles from the last couple of weeks.
How to sort documents based on two document types using API – this article explains how to sort documents which are of different document types, according to the document name.

How to share information between web parts or controls – sometimes you may need to read data from one web part/control and use the data in another web part/control.

How to hotfix setup files – using the hotfix utility or Kim, you can also fix bugs in setup files. This article describes how.

CK Editor Enter Mode – when you hit the enter key in the WYSIWYG editor a break line tag is added. This article shows you how to change this default behavior.

Common things to check when you cannot upload a file using Silverlight (Multi-file uploader) – if you are having issues with uploading a file using the multi-file uploader, check this article.

How to add BreadCrumbs to Smart Search Results – if you want to have breadcrumbs in your search results, this article is what you need.

Events as products in Kentico 6 – how to create paid events on your site.

Listing the products from a product bundle – this article will show you how to list the individual products from the product bundle.

And there are many more in the DevNet's knowledge base section.
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