Knowledge Base Articles you may Find Useful no. 16

It has been more than a month since I published my last post on KB articles that you may find interesting, so it’s time for a new set of articles which may help you deliver the functionality you need.
In the past month I have found these articles to be very helpful:

Performance troubleshooting tips and tricks - this is very handy if you are experiencing slow load times of your pages.
How CSS and JavaScript minification works in Kentico
How to run Kentico Chat module on different protocols - This article describes what configuration is required to run the Kentico Chat module on HTTP protocol, HTTPS protocol or both protocols.
Restore SQL DB under different name(s) - This process can be used to restore one or more databases from an existing SQL backup file. This is an efficient way to make copies of a database under separate names for testing purposes.
How to add a web service reference based on a WCF service to the Kentico CMS solution - This article describes how to add a web service reference based on a WCF service to the Kentico solution. It deals with general configuration steps and the particular settings of web service reference, which are required for successful integration and use

How can I display different page title formats for particular documents?
How do I make the discount coupon information visible on the invoice?
Adding emoticons to the CKEditor

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