Kentico vs. SharePoint – Comparison of Solutions for Company Intranets


Kentico CMS is not just a content management system, but also an easy-to-use and powerful intranet solution. Many developers who have experience with both Kentico CMS and Microsoft Office SharePoint Solutions agree that Kentico CMS enables a more productive way of working, is more cost-effective and easier to deploy.

Kentico: Easy to deploy; easy to use

Ron Brumbarger of Bitwise Solutions says that if you compare digital productivity, Kentico is much simpler to deploy and use. "It's been our experience that customers get excited about a Microsoft SharePoint platform and then realize how much labor it’s gonna take to manage it(…) And from a development perspective: developing and enhancing Kentico vs. developing and enhancing Microsoft SharePoint is a night and day difference".


Cost and time efficiency

Kentico CMS is an incredibly powerful platform, as James Cannings from MMT Digital agrees, “We like the Kentico intranet solution that comes straight out of the box. You can deploy it very, very quickly, very cost-effectively as an intranet or extranet solution“.
It is really easy to set up a Kentico intranet and to customize it according to your company’s needs.
“We used to use SharePoint for intranets. We found it was too cumbersome, there were too many features; you spent half the time configuring turning stuff off. When Kentico released the intranet package, we jumped on it straight away,” says Marty Drill from Get Started.


Unlimited website (and intranet) possibilities

Mark Connell from NewSouth Interactive also points out that the cost of Kentico can be considerably less than deploying Microsoft SharePoint and enables many possibilities not only in developing intranets but also in developing highly customized websites. "I’ve deployed hundreds of content managements systems so I’ve have experience working with many different CMS over the years. In the projects where I’ve used Kentico, I’ve never found limitations that kept us from deploying any functionality challenges we encountered," says Mark Connell. You can look at his complete list of reasons of why to use Kentico CMS instead of Microsoft SharePoint for a company intranet in his article; “Kentico CMS – An Excellent SharePoint Replacement”.  


Intranet projects created with Kentico

Many successful intranet projects created in Kentico have already been launched.

Teva Pharmaceutical

Teva Pharmaceuticals required a robust intranet connecting 14,000 employees across 29 European countries in a very short space of time - one month! Lime Media Ltd. built just such an intranet for them using Kentico, meeting the challenging turnaround time, to the great satisfaction of Teva Pharmaceuticals -“We were delighted that a project of the scale of EuroZone could be turned around so quickly. The quality of the end result, and the speed of the delivery speak for themselves,” said Libby Hobbs, Communications Specialist at Teva UK.

See the Teva Pharmaceutics intranet case study


The Blurb


Lime Media’s other intranet project called ‘The Blurb’ was created for the Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS) with the aim of creating an engaging design that would encourage people to explore and use the information on offer. The main reasons for choosing Kentico CMS as their intranet solution were the especially excellent design support and the easy-to-use intuitive interface for administrators and end users. Alison Baxter, Communications Manager at ALCS, thinks: “All of the Kentico CMS functionality that we are using works really well. It is also very intuitive and easy to use - with very little training; staff can start using the system. They also remember how to use it afterwards.”

See case study for The Blurb

Positive Purchasing Academy


Another excellent intranet built on Kentico CMS was implemented by Tellonline. The key purpose of the Positive Purchasing Learning Management System (LMS) was to enable them to deliver more of their educational services via the Web, and to reduce the requirement of face-to-face training. They needed to serve a variety of training materials like PDF’s, streaming video, Flash files, Word documents and downloadable PowerPoint presentations to their users and  to manage many user levels, from administrators to learners. Positive Purchasing Academy Extensive evaluated Kentico CMS as the best and most cost-effective .net CMS solution on the market.

See the Positive Purchasing Academy intranet case study








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