Kentico proudly announces the winners of Kentico Site of the Year 2014!

Before we announce the winner, we want to give a special thank you to everyone who nominated a site. Because of you, the voting public had a great selection of sites to vote for. This year, submissions increased nearly 40% over Kentico Site of the Year 2013. 
We also want to thank everyone who voted. The competition was very tight in 2014, and in the end, with 42,000 votes cast overall, the winner of Kentico Site of the Year was only separated from second place by roughly 30 votes. The competition for the Best Kentico EMS Implementation category was also very tough. The submissions in this category doubled from last year, as more and more partners and clients use the massive potential of the Kentico EMS platform to make their design and dreams an enterprise reality.  

Site of the Year 2014 - Winners

Overall Kentico Site of the Year 2014 honors go to Twinings Tea. Created by Ridgeway, this site utilizes Kentico EMS 8.1 to meet Twinings’ need to a create a flexible, functional, and efficient platform which offers consumers a secure way to buy online, but which Twinings’ small ecommerce team can support effectively. Ridgeway successfully combined these multiple marketing functionalities and objectives into one digital experience that positions Twinings as experts in the premium tea market. The site also won in the Best E-commerce Site category. 

In addition to Kentico Site of the Year 2014, there were winners in thirteen industry-specific categories, chosen by the public from a list of finalists selected by Kentico, as well as six “special category” winners, chosen directly by Kentico. 

Please join us in congratulating the full list of winners found here
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Adrian Munn commented on

A massive thank you to all those who voted for us and for the team who nominated us as a finalist. We are extremely proud of the work we have done and to our hard working dedicated team of designers and developers who bring these sites to life. We are really enjoying working with Kentico and have secured a number of exciting projects that we look forward to sharing with you.