Kentico Installation Manager identifying 8.1 projects as 8.0

After you upgrade a web project to Kentico 8.1, you may encounter problems with the Kentico Installation Manager (KIM) utility incorrectly identifying 8.1 projects as version 8.0.
The upgrade does not automatically update the Kentico setup files and external utilities, including KIM.
The original 8.0 version of KIM handles Kentico 8.1 projects incorrectly, for example offering to upgrade the project to version 8.1 again.

The solution is to install the setup files and external utilities for Kentico 8.1:
1. Download the Kentico 8.1 installer.
2. Run Kentico_8_1.exe.
3. Read and accept the License Terms and Conditions and click Custom installation.
4. Select Install only program files and click Install.

You can then work with the 8.1 version of KIM, which correctly detects Kentico 8.1 web projects.

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