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Would you be interested in a Small Business Edition? Tell us your opinion!

When we announced that we are planning to drop the E-commerce Edition after December 31, 2008, we received several comments from people who were interested in some lower-priced edition of Kentico CMS for small businesses.

The reason why we decided to drop our lowest-priced E-commerce Edition was that it wasn't very popular, neither was it profitable for us considering that we provide 1 year of unlimited support with this license.

Besides, there are other ways how to build web sites at a very low cost with Kentico CMS. For example, if you buy a dedicated server plan from some hosting provider (around $250 per month, depending on the configuration) and choose the full-featured Kentico CMS 1 Server License Enteprise Edition ($3749.25 after partner discount), the price per site can be very low:

Number of Sites License Costs per Site Monthly Hosting Costs per Site
5 $750 $250
10 $375 $25
20 $188 $13
50 $75 $5

As you can see in the table above, even if you build only 10 sites with Kentico CMS, you get as low as $375 per site for a full-featured content management system with 1 year of unlimited support from Kentico. Honestly, I haven't seen any other comparable CMS system with professional support at this price.

Still, I'd like to get your feedback and see how we can better address your needs for small business web sites. If you're interested in a Small Business Edition, please fill in the form below. If we get enough requests, we will certainly consider such edition.

< the survey is closed, please read the summary in this post >
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Petr Palas

I'm the founder and CEO of Kentico. I write about Kentico, WCM, CXM, digital marketing and related technologies.


mark mandel commented on

like others here i agree that the support offered is excellent.

How about offering a cheaper licence without support included, and introduce an optional support subscription fee.

The reduced entry barrier would build the user base and I'm sure you'd catch a lot of fish.

Chuck Schlichter commented on

I also agree with Joel and also appreciate you asking for input. You guys have your act together in that department.

Martyn Roberts commented on

Petr - many thanks for considering the recent comments regarding the licensing costs, irrespective of whatever gets decided...

Car Hire Cyprus commented on

I agree with Joel, I feel I sometimes abuse your support ;-))), but find it 2nd to none, I think you should have a points system and charge small amount for extra support points... but as I came up with the idea I should get 10,000 free points :-0

Joel Dahlin commented on

I wonder if you can charge a yearly fee strictly for support seperate from the product. I know I use support a great deal and that is one thing I love about Kentico and would be willing to pay just for that.

Elijah Taylor commented on

No matter the outcome, I appreciate your attention to our feedback. Thank you :)

Kurt Farrar commented on


I'm very pleased to see that you're taking the feedback of your partners and customers onboard. If you come to the same conclusion that it's not financially viable for Kentico to offer an eCommerce/Small Business edition, then at least you've explored that option with your partner's input taken into consideration.

A personal thanks from me.