Kentico Enhances SharePoint Capabilities with Web Content Management

We have just released Kentico CMS Connector for Microsoft SharePoint. It allows you to manage content on your SharePoint intranet and publish it on your public-facing web sites.

SharePoint achieved lightning-fast adoption on the intranet and portal market in the last years. It's easy to set up and configure if you want to manage documents and collaborate with your colleagues. Still, based on what we hear from our partners, SharePoint isn't designed for public-facing web sites. And that's where Kentico CMS with its new SharePoint Connector fits pretty well.

Kentico CMS Connector for Microsoft SharePoint

With Kentico CMS Connector for SharePoint, you can keep managing your content in SharePoint and publish it on the Web. Look at this sample scenario of publishing a press release:

Before After
A PR manager prepares a press release, she sends it by e-mail for approval by the CEO using SharePoint workflow.

Once the press release is ready, they copy and paste the text to the Web Content Management System and upload a PDF version of the Press Release.

There are two copies of the press release and the users need to access two different systems.
A PR manager creates the press release in SharePoint and activates the workflow for getting an approval from the CEO.

Once the Press Release is approved it's automatically published on the Kentico CMS-based Web site.

There is a single copy fo the press release and the users do not need to leave SharePoint environment.

As you can see, the Connector simplifies the way you manage content -  you can do everything from a single system.

You can use both Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) 3.0. 

And the best thing: The Connector is available for free after registration at and it works with all Editions of Kentico CMS 4.0 or (upcoming) 4.1, including the Free Edition. It means that if you're already using SharePoint, you can publish your SharePoint content on your public web site without paying for the Connector or for the CMS. 

We will appreciate your feedback on how you use SharePoint and how we can improve our integration with SharePoint. Please feel free to post your comments below. If you need any technical help with SharePoint, please contact our support or use our Forums.

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