Kentico Deliver Now! Methodology Released

We are happy to announce that our very first methodology was published today. The methodology was prepared in-house using our technical resources to collect all the information you should know to ensure the delivery of a successful Kentico CMS website.
As you know for several months now, we have been working on our own methodology with the goal of outlining all important aspects of website development and the delivery process with Kentico CMS. You may have already read about the methodology on my blog and also attended the presentation at the Kentico Connection conference held in Prague in October last year. Since then the methodology got finalized, so you can take a look yourself.

Please download the Kentico Deliver Now! Methodology package from!

The package consists of several documents:

Kentico_DeliverNow_Methodology.PDF – methodology text,
\Checklists – folder containing the UI check-list and Web part development check-list,
\Analysis & Design – folder containing the Kentico CMS Project Specification template document and Website Structure template sheet.

The text of the methodology directly refers to the other documents included within the package so you will know what project phase they should be used for.

Please note that this is the first revision. We definitely plan to improve all areas of the methodology and we are counting on your feedback of course. If you have any concerns, suggestions or improvements on your mind, please share them with us either using comments below or my personal e-mail karolj(a)

Thank you.


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Karol Jarkovsky

Director of Product


Dave Diehl commented on

Nice! Wish we'd had this kind of guidance two years ago! LOL

Jim Manriquez commented on

I have been struggling to develop a project specification for a planned website using Kentico. This is great. The Kentico_DeliveryNow_Methodology is also very informative.

Kentico has all the other CMS "wanna-be's" beat without a doubt in my mind. No false claims and promises on stability and performance.

Denise Dreher commented on

Thanks so much for this great documentation! It will be extremely helpful for our staff. And the checklists are a welcome and useful tool. Just today I was in a meeting with a program director who asked me to define the different roles for our new Kentico site. I wish I had brought this manual with me.

Suggestion: I like the breakdown and description of the different roles. One role that could be included is the Network or Systems Administrator who does the initial purchasing, installing and configuring of Kentico CMS on the server, installs the hotfixes and upgrades, acts as global admin, secures the site, etc. This task is different than the SQL Server DBA.

webwise commented on

I really found the document through and easy to read. It covered a gap for me in the development side of Kentico and our projects. Great work!!!

saul sheehan commented on

A really excellent idea to create something like this. Easy to read and understand. Pulls together lots of seperate ideas/threads into one place... good work guys...