Kentico CMS 6 is Coming! - Full Feature List

It has been a busy year for the whole development department here at Kentico Software, but it was totally worth it. Kentico CMS 6 is almost ready to go final and you deserve to know how we spent our time on it. Here is a full feature list ...
Hi there,

We have started to develop Kentico CMS 6 at the exact time we released Kentico CMS 5.5 at the beginning of summer 2010. I am not mistaken, half of the team was actually working on 5.5 R2 while the rest of the developers devoted their time to 6.0.

Yes, it took us more than a year to develop it. The reason for it is that Kentico CMS 6 will be the largest release ever! It contains many improvements to existing features, new modules and functionality and it has also been redesigned to provide much better experience both during development and when demoing to your clients.

The feature list is so long that I decided not to put everything in a blog post but rather prepare a document that describes everything in such detail that should be enough for you to be able to see what it will look like, where you will find particular features and how they work. Even though each feature is covered only by few sentences and one to several screenshots, the document still has more than 100 pages. That is how big this version is!

One of the most important parts is Kentico Enterprise Marketing Solution (Kentico EMS), which is a whole new product built on top of Kentico CMS Ultimate Edition that provides a complete set of features for Customer Experience Management. Since it's focused on medium and large clients and it's targeted at a new market segment, we decided to provide it as a new product line - Kentico EMS.

More information about the licensing can be found here on Petr's blog:

On Friday August 19th, we have released Kentico CMS 6 Beta for our partners, so the state covered by the feature overview is to this date and for the Beta stage of the product. There are few things that need to be finished yet and some smaller details of the features may be subject to change in the final version. Still, the final available functionality is covered.

Here is the feature overview that you can download and see for yourselves: (11.6 MB)

Take it also as a sort of picture-guide while we are still working on full documentation which will bring detailed description of everything.

In case you would like to use any of my screens  in your own materials, feel free to do that, here is the full package of screenshots: (14.5 MB)

Any comments or feedback are appreciated, please feel free to express yourselves in comments below.

See you next time, I will follow up with detailed blog posts about the new technology stuff.
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Martin Hejtmanek

Hi, I am the CTO of Kentico and I will be constantly providing you the information about current development process and other interesting technical things you might want to know about Kentico.


Martin Hejtmanek commented on

Hi Tom,

Another option is to leverage the custom data handler, and provide the content from files to the Smart search index through it. Contact our support for details so we don't spam these comments.

Martin Hejtmanek commented on

Hi James,

The storage was being reconfigured and temporarily unavailable. It should be working now, if it won't please try again later.

James Manriquez commented on

I am unable to open the Kentico CMS 6 features PDF file

Tom commented on

I'm storing files in the file system, not in the db, (400+ sites, 12 000+ files, 10GB, and growing) so SQL fulltext search is not going to work. I guess I'll have use Google Site Search instead to index the PDF and Office documents.

Martin Hejtmanek commented on

Hi Tom,

No, the crawler still searches only the output HTML of the pages and indexes text. To index content of the binary files, SQL fulltext search must be leveraged as described in the documentation.

Tom commented on

Looks really nice, like the UI. Can't wait.
With reference to:
"Crawler search – Search index covers what is seen on the live site"
Does this include searching PDF and Office documents stored in the file system (media libraries)?