Kentico CMS 5 Widget Properties

Widgets extend the functionality of the existing web part framework outside of the CMS Desk design tab. They provide direct support for page personalization. This flexibility provides end users the control to customize the placement and appearance of widgets. Users with the appropriate rights can modify widget properties, their placement on the page and add or remove widgets from live the live site.
In this video we will look at how to modify a widget to expose additional properties to end users using the sample Kentico CMS 5 sample corporate site.

Note: A widget overview is available here
HD version available here
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Thomas Robbins

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Keith patton commented on

Widgets are great. However we have noticed a few issues. Firstly, no aspx support! Second, if u declare a web part zone one that has widgets you can't change your mind without losing your widgets or. Manually setting them up again in another zone. Thirdly, widgets appear to lack the full configuration options even in design view that web parts have.

It would be good if you could just have web parts and configure their display on edit and live site without having to make them 'widgets'. Our developers find the concept a little confusing. Finally, we would like to have widgets but not allow user to drag and drop etc, but we seem to have to write custom css to remove this on the live site