Kentico CMS 4.1: How many trees do we need to plant?

Check out the results of the “Trees for Bugs” initiative!
Bug submissions to the “Trees for Bugs” initiative were closed last Saturday. Kentico clients reported 60 bugs for which trees needed to be planted.

Final country standings

As you can see from the table below, most of the “bug finders” were from USA and UK, who share the first positions. Bronze medal goes to Australia, mainly due to Steve Moss from Appetere, who was one of the most diligent bug finders with 6 bugs reported. The “potato medal” is shared by three European countries – Czech Republic, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The position of the Czech Republic was achieved mostly thanks to Martin Štěpán from EMWAC Group who was the second most successful bug finder with three bugs reported.

4 projects supported by Kentico

As I wrote earlier, the place for planting the trees has already been selected. Although the number of bugs found only required one project, the money we provided was enough to sponser 4 different projects. But is was our Trees for Bugs initiative which had us sponsoring both financially and physically!  Check the map showing all four projects.

Who had to plant most of the trees?

Again, since the modules that our developers are covering differ greatly, it wouldn’t be fair to evaluate each developer according to the number of bugs found in his/her area. So, I won’t tell you their names, but the developer with the largest number of bugs had to plant 20 trees, while the one with the lowest number had only 7 to plant.

And now?

A year after the idea was born, I would like to send our thanks to everyone who supported it in any way – we are now ready to plant the trees for you!

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Petr Passinger

Petr is the Senior Business Analyst, responsible for the mapping and optimization of the sales funnel and revenue cycle leveraging the Kentico Customer Experience Management solution for online marketing activities.


Petr Passinger commented on

Thanks Martin, I'm happy to hear that!

Martin Štěpán commented on

To all Kentico crew: Thank you very much for the interresting activity which made our daily hard work more funny :-)