Kentico CMS 4.0 BETA

We have just released a BETA version of Kentico CMS 4.0 (formely announced as 3.2).

Kentico CMS 4.0 BETA

While the development of Kentico CMS 4.0 is still in progress, we decided to release a BETA version so that you can see the new features now. The final version release is now scheduled for the end of December. We are trully sorry for the delay.

Please note: There will be important changes in Kentico CMS licensing after the final version will be released. Please be sure to read this post.

You can download the beta version here:

If you need any help with beta version or want to report a bug, please use our forums.

Here is an overview of new features in version 4.0 BETA and their current status:

Feature Status in 4.0 BETA
Improved system of document URLs, URL aliases Implemented
Document categories Implemented
Alternative forms (in BizForms, documents, etc.) Implemented
Content tagging Implemented
Custom tables Implemented
Banned IPs Implemented
Avatar gallery Implemented, minor issues
Time zones Implemented
Groups In progress
Bad words Implemented
On-line users, user kick-out Implemented
Message boards Implemented
Improved e-mail engine for more reliable e-mail sending Implemented, minor issues
Notifications (general engine for event alerts, such as alerts on document changes) Implemented
Friends Implemented
Report abuse Implemented
Community Starter Site In progress
Forums (redesigned forums with dozens of improvements) In progress
Media library (new module for large files, images, music, video) In progress, not available in BETA
Content rating Implemented, minor issues
Image editor Implemented
Membership management improvements In progress
Documentation In progress

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Petr Palas

I'm the founder and CEO of Kentico. I write about Kentico, WCM, CXM, digital marketing and related technologies.


Разработка сайтов commented on

4.0 BETA contain the support for Silverlight?

Neil Ulrich commented on

Also, on events... reoccuring events, like every tuesday for next 3 months.

Chris W commented on

Great product, we are very happy with Kentico. One addition that would be nice is if the CMS Events supported multi-day events. When we have events that go for 3 days, I have to create 3 separate Events and then only publish one of them...

selva commented on

how to use keticocms 4.0

Petr Palas commented on

To Keith: Sure, there's lots of ways how commercial sites can leverage social networking tools (and I mean tools like blogs, forums, polls, wiki, message boards, groups or friends). Commercial sites can build on-line communities of their clients, get feedback on the products they sell and inform them about upcoming events. This site is a good example of how a company can use social networking tools in their business. You can find many articles on the Internet - e.g.

Petr Palas commented on

To Frans: Yes, the support for Silverlight is already available in BETA. Petr Vozak writes about it in his blog here: He will publish the second part soon.

Wassim Fr commented on

Good Work.... am waiting the new version!

good luck!

Keith Summers commented on

Can someone publish an article explaining how all these new forum and social networking features are going add sales to a commercial web site? What is the upside for the corporate customer?

Frans Rampen commented on

Hello Petr,

DOes the 4.0 BETA also contain the support for Silverlight?



Petr Palas commented on

Thank you, Alex, we appreciate the long-term cooperation with you! I'm sure you will like the new features in 4.0.

Alexander Gamper commented on

Hey petr,

sounds realy great. I remember the first version of kentico and I am happy to see how your company is growing. So please keep us informed of new versions, updates ec. I am waithing with excitement the new version because we want to buy a new license for a next project.