Kentico and Firefox 17 - updated

Firefox recently released a new version of their browser. Due to some changes the WYSIWYG editor in Kentico may not work correctly.
Our developers are already looking into this issue and they are investigating what could be done on our side to fix this issue (it looks promising so far).

The recommendation right now is not to upgrade your Firefox browser to version 17 and stay tuned to this blog post. I will keep you updated. The fix, if possible, will be most likely addressed in one of the next hotfixes.

Update (12/3/2012): As mentioned by P Zelewsky in the comment below, Mozilla released fixed version of the Firefox browser - 17.0.1 which fixes the issues with WYSIWYG editor. So, for older version of Kentico CMS you just need to update your browser.

Update (11/27/2012): We have just released hotfix for v6 - no.58 and you can download it from our Bugtracker page.

Update (11/23/2012): Our developers were able to find a workaround and this issue was addressed in hotfix 7.0.9+. Please, download and apply this hotfix to your Kentico. If you are running an older version, upgrade is highly recommended.
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Juraj Ondrus

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