Kentico 10 vs Kentico 9: Campaigns (Part 4/4)


Still excited about Kentico 10 and all the improvements we made in Kentico 10? Great, because today I have some amazing videos prepared for you!

In the previous articles, I talked about Kentico 9 and Kentico 10 in regards to contact management and email marketing functionality. Today I have finally got to my favorite part – Campaigns!

We have made so many amazing changes to the Campaigns application, that one video would just not be enough! That is why I created 4 different videos explaining how to set up and launch campaigns in Kentico 9 and Kentico 10, and how to review campaign results.

Introduction to Campaigns

Setting up campaigns 

Launching campaigns

Reviewing campaign results

If you want to continue reading about differences between Kentico 10 and 9, I would recommend the following articles:

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Katerina Foretova

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