Kentico: 100 Employees Strong and Growing

It has been a very promising start to the year for Kentico, with the arrival of its 100th employee. And what is more, we have reached this milestone in just 8 (extraordinary) years. What is the secret to our success? Read on…
Petr Palas hired the first three Kentico employees in 2005, one year after the birth of the company. The rapid growth that followed resulted in Kentico being named one of the top companies in Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe in 2010, a year which also saw the move to the current office in the heart of Brno.

A clear sign of success (and that more space was required), the company set up camp in the current office in the heart of Brno. Now this office is bursting at the seams as it welcomes nearly 90 of Kentico’s staff each day.

“The success of our company lies in its happy customers and happy staff. We pride ourselves in creating a quality product in a positive environment filled with talented people, and we’re not done yet – with 10 new positions currently open and plenty more on the way, we look forward to another year of promise for Kentico,” says our Human Resources Manager, Gabriela Jakabová.

Dobromila Mrázková, our new Web Developer, and infamous 100th employee, joins the Marketing Team, their 6th recruit in 12 months. She was welcomed with a celebratory feast in the kitchen, which we all dug into while she was on her initiation tour (!)

What can I say? Designing, creating, marketing and selling the world’s best CMS is hungry work! And she can take the same advantage when we welcome our 200th employee, which will no doubt come round sooner that we think!

Better leave the table set…

“Today we welcome our 100th employee and it marks not just a milestone, but also the spring board for a new level of success” says Kentico CEO, Petr Palas, ever the motivator and driving force behind it all. "I am proud of the number of highly skilled staff we have had the privilege to recruit and of the tremendous growth Kentico has seen in its 8 years as a direct result of the quality of and demand for our product."

It has been a very  Happy New Year for us, and we hope for you all too!

Pre-empting a surge of interest, I thought I’d add a link to our careers page - do look to see if you know anyone that fits – the table awaits!
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