Introducing Kentico Upgrade Protection

We often see customers delaying the upgrades due to the lack of time and resources. For this reason, we decided to help you keep your Kentico CMS installation up to date.

Why Upgrades Are Important

If you're not using the latest version, you may face several challenges:
  • You can't leverage the new features, user interface improvements and other enhancements in Kentico CMS or Kentico EMS. 
  • Your website may not support the latest browsers, latest technologies or new Internet trends, such as integration with Social Networks.
  • Your website may be slow (especially if you're still on 2.x and 3.x versions) while the newer versions of Kentico are much faster.
When we talk to our clients, they usually say "we don't upgrade because it's a tedious task" or "we don't have time/resources to do the upgrade". That's why we decided to do two things:
  • In version 6, we added the new Kentico Upgrade Utility that automates the upgrade (and hotfix) process, including doing the back-up before the upgrade and checking for any modification of the Kentico CMS system files so that it doesn't overwrite your changes. 
  • We are now introducing Kentico Upgrade Protection – see below.

Kentico Upgrade Protection

Kentico Upgrade Protection is a service provided by Kentico engineers keeps you on the latest release of Kentico CMS throughout the year. Whenever we release a new version or Service Pack, we will upgrade your website within 6 weeks after the upgrade procedure is released. The goal is to help clients who do not have time or resources to do the upgrades on a regular basis, but want to experience all the benefits that come with new Kentico CMS versions.

The program covers only websites that do not use customized CMS code (e.g. customizations of the administration interface or source code). Still, it covers websites that use standard and recommended ways of extending/customizing Kentico (custom page templates, web parts, event handlers, etc.)

Kentico Upgrade Protection is an extra service provided above our standard technical support and is charged extra based on the license you own.

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