Introducing Kentico Advantage


If you have ever been involved in developing a web site project, you know how important it is to focus on the crucial pieces that make the project successful. You wish for every advantage you can find that will help you build high quality projects on time, with fewer resources, and within budget. However, you prefer not to learn this the hard way. We want to help, so we are introducing Kentico Advantage to help you identify best practices and pitfalls through every stage of your project.

What Is Kentico Advantage?

Kentico Advantage is an easy-to-follow guide prepared in-house by our consulting team that walks you through the process of building a successful project on Kentico.

How Can This Help?

We know that delivering a successful project is not an easy job. Our goal with Kentico Advantage is to help you understand what needs to be done in each project phase especially as it relates to Kentico. Based on years of experience helping customers with Kentico projects we identified six primary phases for Kentico projects: Gathering, Planning, Developing, Testing, Deploying and Maintaining. For each of these phases we present the key concepts and best practices you need to master. Additionally, we provide real-world scenarios to help you see everything in action. Finally, we give you a curated list of relevant extra resources to help with the details or just to provide more information.

What Is Included?

gathering.pngIn Kentico Advantage, we start by asking the right questions during the gathering phase so we can have all the relevant project requirements at hand.


planning.pngIn the planning phase, we then take this information and figure out how the individual pieces fit together and influence one another.


developing.pngWe then start developing the project, making sure to follow all best practices.


We still want to perform all the necessary testing to ensure smooth operation under all circumstances ...

deploying.png... to prevent accidentally deploying broken functionality to the production environment. Even with the best projects we need to be ready for the worst case scenario.


maintaining.pngBy maintaining the project properly, we will be able to act immediately and take appropriate actions to prevent catastrophic failures.

Finally, we should always be thinking about the future of the project and how we can improve it. This is where the whole project life cycle starts again.


Who Should Read It?

Regardless of whether you are new to the Kentico world or a seasoned professional, we believe everyone can greatly benefit from this valuable resource, especially Project Managers, System Architects, Integration Specialists and Developers. We recommend reading the guide in a linear fashion, but each section is self-contained so you can skip some if they are not directly relevant to your role.

What's Next?

We plan to enhance continuously all areas of Kentico Advantage, and we are counting on you! Please do not hesitate to share your suggestions or improvements with us using feedback forms directly on the Kentico Advantage web site.

We hope you find your advantage and make your Kentico project successful.

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