Import hangs on "Files are being uncompressed"

What should be done when import stuck with "Files are being uncompressed” message on the screen.
In a case of huge sites and version lower than 2.3a, we definitely recommend upgrade at least to version 2.3a where the upgrade process was changed. Otherwise, if your site is big or contain many files and attachments you should try to wait for some time, because this process can take longer time.

In case that import process remain stuck and your PC seems to be idle you should try to add/edit following line in your web.config file:

<httpRuntime maxWaitChangeNotification="xxx" waitChangeNotification="xxx" />

These 2 properties should contain some longer time (in seconds) instead of the "xxx" (e.g. 900).

If this won't help you, you can try the second option to import unzipped package. Regarding how to import unzipped package, please follow procedure bellow:

1) Create MySite folder in ~\CMSSiteUtils\Import folder
2) Unzip package into MySite directory so the result path would be ~\CMSSiteUtils\Import\MySite\Data
3) Click SiteManager -> Sites -> 'Import site or objects' button. In step 1 there should appear MySite item in list of files to be imported. Try to import MySite item. You should better choose to resolve conflict manually in next step as if you choose to rewrite existing items the problem with callbacks might appear again.

Note: You can name the "MySite" folder how you would like to, the point is that the folder Data can't be straight under the Import folder.

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Applies to: Kentico CMS 2.x, 3.x
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