Hunting for the integration challenge

Have you ever come across an interesting implementation concerning Kentico CMS? For the next couple of days I’m looking for a 3rd party component to demonstrate how to include it within Kentico CMS.
What I enjoy the most about working with content management system Kentico CMS is that you get incredible options to perform customizations and integrations with components from different vendors. I have quickly found a passion for analyzing all the possibilities on how to let Kentico CMS cooperate with other systems. There is no doubt that one of the most common situations when you might find Consulting Services useful is pre-implementation phase. And I really enjoy that one.

Right now, my goal is to give you an example on how you could enhance Kentico CMS functionality. Please, let me know integration of which component would attract you. Use the form below to share your suggestions. In January I will choose one. Consequently, I will provide series of blog posts describing integration process of such a component in the step-by-step way.

Also, in my next post I would like to publish details on integrating MetaWeblog API with Kentico CMS. It allows you to insert, remove and manage your web site blogs easily just by using Windows Live Writer or MS Office Word. It might be a great example of enriching yet solid base of functionality that Kentico CMS provides. So keep an eye on my blog.

Looking forward for your ideas.


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Karol Jarkovsky

Director of Product


Karol Jarkovsky commented on

Thank you all!

I've decided to implement several of suggested items one-by-one starting with PDFlib. I’d like to publish post on how to integrate Kentico CMS with PDFlib by the end of February or on early March respectively.

EDIT: Reviewing the PDFlib library I assumed that it'd be better to demonstrate how to export web site content into PDF using some free/ open source library instead the paid one. Therefore, I'm going to choose the best free solution and integrate it with Kentico CMS.

K. J.

Marck Stacey commented on

It would be great if you could integrate the Ping-O-Matic service.

Neil commented on

I second the PDF option and add a smugmug slideshow tool using the api they have.

JimS commented on

Hi Karol,
oh yes, I need WLW for one of my projects, thank you! Other components I use for my customers's websites (sofar mostly classic ASP, trying to move to KenticoCMS) are

- generate (personalized) PDFs from webapps content/data

- fancy flash-based image gallery driven by XML/RSS/script

- flash-based data charts

That should be enough for starters ;-)
Thanks + Best regards,