How to exclude specific user from the Event Log

This article provides an example of excluding (deleting) events of a specific user from the Event log.
Unfortunately, there is no way to exclude a user from creating an event log. So if you want to delete the specific user (log item) from the Event log, the only workaround is to set a scheduling task which will run every X minutes and delete selected events. It’s also great if you are using a third party service, for example, that is periodically logging into your site, which could create a huge event log. It would be better to have the Event log cleared of these events, especially for readability.

public string Execute(TaskInfo ti) { // Create new instance of event log provider EventLogProvider eventLog = new EventLogProvider(); string[] splitUsers = ti.TaskData.Split(';'); foreach (string user in splitUsers) { // Get events matching the where condition string where = "UserName = '" + user + "'"; DataSet events = eventLog.GetAllEvents(where, null); if (!DataHelper.DataSourceIsEmpty(events)) { int cnt = 0; // Loop through the individual items foreach (DataRow eventDr in events.Tables[0].Rows) { // Create the object from DataRow EventLogInfo deleteEvent = new EventLogInfo(eventDr); //Delete log deleteEvent.Destroy(); eventLog.SetEventLogInfo(deleteEvent); cnt++; } string detail = cnt.ToString() + " events of user '" + user + "' deleted from Event Log."; // Logs the execution of the task in the event log. EventLogProvider.LogInformation("DeleteUsers", "Execute", detail); } } return null; }

Note: Add user names delimited by ';' to the Task Data property of your Scheduled Task.

Special thanks go to Vlado.

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Applies to: Kentico CMS 6.x, 7.x
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