How to display link to a file or document selected with Document Selector

This article shows how to display a user friendly link without GIUD to the document or file which was uploaded to some document as an attachment (e.g. on the Form tab using file upload form control). The Document Selector field type is storing only the GUID of the selected item.
If you want to display the alias path according to the given GUID number it is recommended to create the custom function called later in the transformation that would handle this task. Please see "Adding custom functions to transformations" article, where process of creating function for transformation is described. In your custom function you would call the "CMS.TreeEngine.TreeProvider.SelectSingleNode(Guid, String cultureCode, String siteName)" where you pass your GUID value, the culture code as the "CMSContext.CurrentPageInfo.DocumentCulture" and the site name as the "CMSContext.CurrentSite.SiteName". Returned TreeNode object should contain all necessary information that could be returned to and displayed by the transformation.

In Visual Studio create new Class under <your project>/App_Code and call it e.g. MyFunctions.cs. Add following code to your new class:

public static class MyFunctions { public static string ReturnUrlSrc(string nodeGuidParam) { try { if (nodeGuidParam != null && nodeGuidParam.Trim() != "") { string nodeGuidStr = ValidationHelper.GetString(nodeGuidParam, ""); Guid nodeGUID = new Guid(nodeGuidStr); if (nodeGUID != null) { int nodeId = CMS.TreeEngine.TreePathUtils.GetNodeIdByNodeGUID(nodeGUID, CMS.CMSHelper.CMSContext.CurrentSiteName); if (nodeId != null) { CMS.TreeEngine.TreeProvider tp = new CMS.TreeEngine.TreeProvider(CMS.CMSHelper.CMSContext.CurrentUser); CMS.TreeEngine.TreeNode node = tp.SelectSingleNode(nodeId); return CMS.CMSHelper.CMSContext.GetUrl(node.NodeAliasPath, node.DocumentUrlPath, CMSContext.CurrentSiteName); } } } return ""; } catch { return ""; } } }

Also please add following code to your transformation :

<a href="<%# MyFunctions.ReturnUrlSrc(Eval("DocumentSelectorField ").ToString()) %>">LINK</a>

where MyFunctions is file name of your new class.


You can use the built-in transformation function: GetDocumentUrl(object nodeGuidColumn, object nodeAlias).


<%# GetDocumentUrl("ProductPageLink", Eval("NodeAlias")) %>

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Applies to: Kentico CMS 3.x and later
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