How to compare two e-mail addresses on bizform

This article shows how to compare two e-mail addresses on bizform to make sure, that the e-mail address is correct.
1. Please add two field of e-mail type to your bizform in CMSDesk -> Tools -> BizForms -> edit -> Fields. Note their code names.

2. Add OnBeforeSave event handler to your bizform´s code-behind (protected void viewBiz_OnBeforeSave()).

3. You can use this code, where “Email” and “ValidateEmail” are code-names of your e-mail fields.

protected void viewBiz_OnBeforeSave()

CMS.FormControls.FormEngineUserControl em1 = (CMS.FormControls.FormEngineUserControl)viewBiz.BasicForm.FieldControls

CMS.FormControls.FormEngineUserControl em2 = (CMS.FormControls.FormEngineUserControl)viewBiz.BasicForm.FieldControls

string EmailAddress = em1.Value.ToString();
string ValidateEmailAddress = em2.Value.ToString();

if (EmailAddress != ValidateEmailAddress)

Response.Write("E-mail addresses must match!");
this.viewBiz.StopProcessing = true;



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Applies to: Kentico CMS 4.x
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