How to build Facebook Apps with Kentico CMS

Did you know that you can use Kentico CMS as a great platform for your Facebook projects and campaigns – mixing all the features of an established social network with all the advantages of an easy content management? Yes, you can! And the Wild Turkey Bourbon Facebook Campaign can prove it!

Content Management Difficulties of Facebook Apps

The power of Facebook as a social network is really huge and, if you are able to use it well, you can grow and engage your online community while gaining from users’ activity. But this is not as easy as it seems, because the possibilities with Facebook’s basic tools are limited.

Sure, Facebook invites you to create all-singing, all-dancing apps by writing your own code, but how does this help the non-IT savvy person who also wants to make the most of the social revolution? How do they extract the best Facebook App juice but avoid complicated content management?

Smart leveraging of Kentico-based micro sites

The simply brilliant Wild Turkey Bourbon Facebook Campaign, implemented by Create Studios, is a really great example of easy-to-manage Facebook micro sites based on Kentico CMS.

The campaign targets die-hard sports fans of local Australian sports teams. Each of the teams has a dedicated application which offers its fans many engaging features like videos, polls and a commenting wall. Fans can also browse personal profiles of players and results of team matches, participate in the regular competitions and much more.

The whole campaign was set up to encourage sharing, ‘liking’ and interactive communication wherever possible. Featured teams were motivated to participate actively too, with the promise of an overall prize at the end of the campaign for the team who had attracted the most social engagement.


Success of Easy Content Management

Wild Turkey Bourbon needed Facebook apps to be easy and efficient to update as there are many planned changes throughout the campaign, and that was one of main reasons for choosing Kentico CMS.

Yen Boon Lim, Account Director of Create Studios says “Kentico CMS provided an ideal solution as it allowed us to build the Facebook Apps with all the functionality required by the client whilst still allowing the frequently changing content to be easily managed by the client.”

Content administrators are able to put in content to the site within 1 day or 2 for the site with just 1 hour training on the CMS.
And also the campaign is running really well, there are more than 37,000 “Likes” (still going) with less than 2 months since the campaign started. The “Talking About” rate has peaked at 16%  - ie. more than 3,000 people talking about Wild Turkey Bourbon  in their Facebook at the same time.


Get more information about the project in their Case study or check out the other social networking features of Kentico CMS.
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