How to allow users to have the same e-mail

If you wish for any reason to allow users to have the same e-mail you need to remove appropriate e-mail checking.
In version 4.0 you can use the setting available in Site Manger -> Settings -> Membership -> Require unique user e-mails and set it to false.

For version 3.1a:
So for example for user editing page in Site Manager you need to edit following page: ~\CMSSiteManager\Administration\Users\User_Edit_General.aspx.cs.

Please go to line 383 and comment out following decision statement block like this:

// Check whether email is unique if it is required
//if (!UserInfoProvider.IsEmailUnique(email, CMSContext.CurrentSiteName, ui.UserID))
// lblError.Visible = true;
// lblError.Text = ResHelper.GetString("UserInfo.EmailAlreadyExist");
// return;

This will enforce that it will not check if e-mail is unique.
Please note that you can edit it also on other pages which manage user details (e.g.: ~\CMSSiteManager\Administration\Users\User_New.aspx.cs).

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Applies to: Kentico CMS 3.x, 4.0
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